September 7, 2008

Why must Monday come?

I'm sitting here on Sunday night at 10:30 and am so tired that I'm practically falling asleep, which is sad in itself.  Add to that the fact that I can't even think straight enough to finish my Movie Monday post for tomorrow and I feel like just curling up and sleeping for about 20 hours.

Unfortunately, it's not meant to be.  First off, there are no sheets on the bed.  We have fleas.  That's a whole other post though.  Those fucking little bugs are eating my legs alive, and they don't bite Justin and don't really seem to bite Sam.  I walked into the bedroom today and looked down to see five of them crawling on my feet.  AGH!  We have been vacuuming, doing laundry, and putting Advantage on the cat, but these things take time and apparently the flea life cycle is like a month.  Sigh...  it sucks so much.  I also have phantom fleas, I feel them on me even when they're not there.

Secondly, I have to get up tomorow morning.  Even if Sam, by some miracle, sleeps in, I have to get up around 8 because a friend is dropping off her daughter between 8 and 8:30 for me to watch.  I'm  little nervous - I've never watched Sam and another kid the same age before, and they haven't always been good at sharing with each other.  Although the last time we went over to their house, they got along much better.  So, let's think positive.

Tomorrow afternoon I have a doctor appointment to follow up on my medication change, and I think that will be good, then I'll have to work for a little while.  I'm quite tired - we spent the night at Justin's Mom's last night and Sam did not sleep well, and whenever he's up in the middle of the night he just wants me and not Justin.  I was holding him and was so tired I just wanted to collapse but there was nothing I could do.  That's when it's really hard.  He was a little miserable today, especially in the car on the way home, so both Justin and I are worn out from listening to fussing and crying.  Part of me feels like I never fully recovered from the trip to New Jersey and the subsequent kind-of-horrible trip with the Book Club ladies.  I want to sleep in one day... we've had so much stuff going on that I haven't gotten the chance to just sleep in a little bit.  Maybe next weekend...

I'm happy because we figured out that despite the tightness of our money situation, using some hotel points and the generosity of friends, we're still giong to be able to make our annual trip down to Portland for the Portland Pirate Festival and our annual visit to the Portland Zoo with Violet and her family!  I'm very excited, and hopefully we'll get to see Xotchil and her family while we're there, and our old friend Amy who used to be in book club with us.

Well, I've got to go fold some more laundry now then hopefully hit the hay.  I will try to get my Movie Monday post up tomorrow, and have my posts planned out already for the rest of the week, which is very nice!  Sorry if this is garbled... I have so many things floating around in my head right now that I might be slightly intelligible.


Immoral Matriarch said...

Did you see any movies? I haven't been to the movies in forever. :(

Auds at Barking Mad said...

Fleas are the WORST aren't they? And it's weird how sometimes they favour one person over another in a house that has an issue with them.

Check the blog later this afternoon because I'm featuring a site (this is going to be the first in a series of monthly write-ups/interviews I'll be hosting at the blog) that has several great ideas on getting rid of just about anything, including FLEAS!