September 2, 2008

Perfect Post: Palin & Getting Played

You may have heard of the Perfect Post Awards. They happen once a month, and are hosted at Petroville and Suburban Tumoil. For the past few months I've read the award winning posts every month, been touched, laughed, and been brought to tears many a time. Recently I came across a post encouraging people to sign up to be part of the Perfect Post list, and I decided I should participate!

The only thing I didn't realize is how HARD it would be to look back through a month of my favorite posts and try to pick just one to make the award. As I sit here writing my introduction to this post, I have 5 tabs open and still haven't picked my winner.

The Original Perfect Post Awards 08.08

For August, I've decided that my award for perfect post will go to Candace at Not That I Don't Love My Kids... for this post. Since the political season is REALLY beginning now and I've been thinking about it a lot and developing a lot of feelings, I felt it appropriate to nominate Candace for speaking her mind in a very concise manner. I haven't written much about politics on my blog recently, although it's sure to happen over the next several months. Sometimes it's hard to make your argument in a smart way, to get your feelings across without sounding defensive, bitchy or just yelling "It's WRONG!", which happens to me sometimes. By Candace managed to do just that in her post.

I too, felt something unsettling and indescribable to myself when I heard that John McCain and the Republicans had gone with Sarah Palin as their Vice Presidential nominee. I saw the picture of McCain and Palin side by side and it just seemed... off. Weird. Not quite right. Not long afterwards, I came across Candace's post, and it made complete sense to me. Her anger rang true to me...

"And now I'm angry. Because I feel used. And I think Sarah Palin should be angry too. Because she's being used too. And I think all the other "guys" who were up for the job should be angry too. Because they were played just like we're being played and it makes me feel robbed of my voice in the trickiest of ways. Because he did the ole swithcherooni in the name of knowing what I think, what I feel. Because after all, don't we all just want a vagina in the White House? Is that for the good of the country or for the good of his own agenda?"

Let's take Candace's words to heart, and not get played.

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Candace said...

wow. I'm completely surprised and honored. It always feels raw to speak my mind even in the supportive blogworld. Emotions are running high right now in the politically charged air!! It's so hard to pinpoint or not get negative but we all still want an outlet for our feelings. Thanks so much for the support. I'd love to read the four tabs you had open!!! Bet they are great!
Again, honored to me mentioned by such a fantastic bloggist....:)
Thanks again! I'll link it up after pre-school drop off!