September 23, 2008

America's Next Top Model as told by fourfour

A few months ago while 'discovering' in my Google Reader, I came across a blog called fourfour. Written by Rich Juzwiak of Brooklyn, it has become one of my favorites. Rich writes awesome reviews of movies, TV, and music, and makes it interesting by throwing in videos and stories about his awesomely grumpy looking cat, Winston. You can also find one of the cutest things EVER in this entry which shows us a storybook a little girl made about Winston.

I used to work at Borders and since I left I've never found any replacements for my gay boys there. I miss them. So for now, I've found one that makes me super-happy at fourfour. If I knew him in real life, I would totally pay for all his drinks. One of the best things about Rich are his BRILLIANT America's Next Top Model recaps. Seriously, I look forward to them just about as much as I look forward to watching the show. I don't recap ANTM here because I'd rather just link to Rich's recaps, which are smarter, funnier, and cleverer than anything I could come up with. It's like he says what I'm thinking, but in a way better way. My favorite line from this weeks?

"Like some Carrot Top-Bernadette Peters test-tube baby shit, as cultivated in Angelina Jolie's baby-making laboratory."

Oh Elina, I'm sorry that he's right.

So head over & check out fourfour. If you're an entertainment whore like me, you'll love it. Rich also writes for VH1blog here.

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Immoral Matriarch said...

Oh yes. I love him. Actually I'm *in* love with him. I'm so pitiful, pining for a gay man. :(

He's part of the BlogHer crowd too, somehow. I'm determined to meet him at one of these events, even though my fantasy of a really hot 'love at first sight' makeout session ensuing immediately will never come to pass. GODDAMN GAYS!

And, I'm still on break. So don't reply. Shut up.