August 12, 2008

Short Note: Olympics

I am lucky that I planned my trip for this week, since we don't have cable at home. I've been watching the Olympics every night and I just have a couple of things to say.
  • I just watched Shawn Johnson do her beam routine and it was AMAZING. I would totally break my neck if I tried doing any of the gymnastics routines they do. Uh oh, the 2nd fall for a US Gymnast just now... bummer.
  • I admit it, I'm sucked in by the whole Michael Phelps thing. I think it's partly that he's crazy amazing - he has already won more medals than anyone else over games, and I feel pretty good about his chances for winning 8 medals in one Olympic games. He's already 5 for 5. By the way, did you SEE the 4x200 freestyle relay? That was freaking CRAZY! They were so far ahead all the swimmers weren't even in the shot. Partly I am also intrigued because his Mom is there and I can't imagine her pride at watching him and knowing that her son is the BEST SWIMMER in the WHOLE WORLD. And most likely the most winning Olympian EVER. He is crazy.
  • How come I have never noticed synchronized high dive before? I feel like I should have noticed. It's pretty cool, and Sam thinks it is hilarious, he laughs every time they go into the water and it splashes. The Chinese divers (both men and women) were so amazing in this event.

That's it for now... back to do some more work then head to bed.

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dianne - bunny trails said...

Did you see the interview with Michael later? He had water inside his goggles the entire time, which he felt totally slowed him down. He said he could've done it faster if he wasn't struggling with the water. Man. That guy is just amazing. :D