August 15, 2008

Dear God, Please help him be ready soon...

Today's guest post comes from one of my very favorite ladies, Lotus from Sarcastic Mom! I can't remember how I came across her blog, but it was one of the first that I started reading regularly. I can't wait to see what she writes every day - whether it's funny, touching, or just an awesome picture of the second most beautiful toddler in the universe (sorry, can't betray my own spawn...). Also, she has a great rack. So there. Read her here, then go visit Sarcastic Mom, you will love it!

Dear God, Please help him be ready soon...

For weeks, he pottied,
back in June. Then July came.
Potty boycott time!

And yeah, that does suck.
But taking it easy here.
All in due time, right?

Now, sometimes he does,
and sometimes he doesn’t. And
we just keep on going.

Don’t get me wrong here.
I’m gonna be ELATED
when he’s fully trained.

Still, I don’t see the
good in forcing him before
he’s really ready.

But accidentally
Sticking my finger in shit?


Oh, yeah, God? If You
could just erase the muffin-
top, I'd be set, though. <3


the planet of janet said...

go, braden, go!!!

uh. wait. that didn't come out right.

Karen of Sillymonkeez said...

LOL! Great haiku, Lotus!!

Have you tried the bribery route? ;P

Karen of the MomDot Street Team