August 28, 2008


Haiku Friday

It started Monday
First day of annual trip
with book club moms, kids.

Bedtime came and went,
Wokd up at midnight, to sleep
no more until four.

Screaming over naught
Crying, finally falling
into fitful sleep.

Four hours total
that night, Tuesday night he slept
for five hours but

Mommy slept for less
So sensitive to every
move and breath he made.

Exhausted after
the evening temper tantrum
worse than ever

An hour of tears
screaming and crying, not to
be soothed by mommy

Finally ended
With both of us in tears, at
the end of our ropes.

Up at 5 AM
on Wednesday, but the day went
fairly well after.

Wednesday night at two
crying in the night, screaming
Mommy can't take it.

Hastily packed as
he cries in the car, we're off
desperate for home

Three hours later
Our trip ends at home at five
In bed at seven.

Needless to say, I am exhausted. Every summer, the ladies from our book club and our kids take a trip to a rental house for a few days. This year we were up to 11 kids between eight months and six years, and six parents. Unforunately it seems like Sam got a little sick just as we arrived. When he wasn't sleeping the first night, I finally figured out that he seemed to have some phlegm in his throat and when he was trying to sleep he was sort of choking on it when he tried to swallow. I got four hours of sleep Monday night, he did take a nap on Monday, but for less than two hours. On Tuesday he proceeded to throw THE WORST temper tantrum ever, complete with screaming, flailing, and unreasonableness. It ended with me crying and pleading with him to stop, and he finally did. On Tuesday night, he went to bed okay, and he slept until five. I probably slept for four hours, I was waking up every time he fussed and patting him and soothing him. We were up at five watching a movie and did both manage to fall asleep for a few minutes on the couch. The day went okay and he took about an hour nap and went to bed okay, I packed up a few things after he was in bed. He woke up at two and it quickly deteriorated into screaming again and I was DONE. I just couldn't take it anymore. I packed up the rest of our stuff and drove three hours home at 2:30 AM because I was SO desperate for help, for a co-parent, to be in my own place, to not have to get up and deal somewhere else the next morning, he cried in the car, but I knew there would be an okay outcome if we could get home, whereas I had no idea HOW I would be able to calm him down at the vacation house, how long it would take, or if it would even work. We finally both went to sleep in the bed with Justin at about 7 AM and Sam and I slept there until 12:30, then off and on from 12:30 to 1:15. Crazy. Today was fairly pleasant, and I got to go out tonight and see a movie and read my magazine and have a quiet dinner, but I am still totally exhausted. Tomorrow Justin has to work, Saturday he is going to some football game that I just found out about, and Sunday is one of my best friend's weddings, then Monday it's a whole new week. I don't see a chance for REAL rest, to catch up from this sleepless week, until the next weekend, and that is just making me more tired. Sometimes all I want is to sleep for 24 hours straight. While I was out tonight, Sam threw up, and we think it was because of his throat being clogged up. Bedtime didn't go so well either, so I'm not really looking forward to the next couple of days. I don't WANT to be tired. I want to enjoy my friend's wedding and not feel like I just wish I were in bed. Sigh...

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maggie's mind said...

Oh my gosh, that sounds exhausting! I hope you will get a chance to get a little more rest soon.

monica @ transplanting me said...

hope that you get rest soon and that illness passes and noone else gets it! have fun at the wedding!

sorry your trip was cut short, that's a bummer.

Mel said...

I (almost) feel your pain. My nearly 9-month-old has had a similar fuss/sleep schedule this week, but at least he's not sick and we've been at home. Here's hoping that everything gets better soon! :)

Wayfaring Wanderer said...

Sooner or later it will all catch up with you, that's when the body will demand a rest against your will.....

Please take care of yourself the best you can....

I hope he gets to feeling better soon.

Sassy Mama Bear said...

Wow, while the concept sounds fun with small children I can understand the frustration, hope he and mama get some rest now that they are home, Nice haiku, mine is up:

Honey Mommy said...

Your week sounds kind of like mine. My son had a fever for 5 days and now we all have some nasty headcold.

Right now I would love a nap. Oh well!
Hope you get some sleep soon!

Mom24 said...

So sorry. Hope he's feeling better soon. So not fun to be sick/have sick kids in the summertime.

Lilacspecs said...

Yeesh, I hope you're able to get some down time.

Carol said...

Oh no poor you. That sounds horrific.

I recommend plenty of chocolate until you get a chance to decently rest. Chocolate makes everything better.

Happy POW!

Wife to Mark,Mom to Samuel said...

If you ever need a break...bring him on over and the Sams can play together while you get the rest you need! Seriously...not even joking...cause I've been there! Blessings!