July 22, 2008

Wordless Wednesday: Tats!

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No, not tits. If you were searching for tits and made a typo and ended up here, the jokes on you. For WW this week, I decided to do pictures of my tattoos & my husbands. I know it's supposed to be wordless, but I will provide a brief explanation of them. They're in the order I got them in.
My 1st, on my right ankle. My Mom also has a flower vine on her ankle, but it's different. I originally was going to get the same one as her, but ended up making my own.
My second, which I got during my honeymoon in Hawaii, around my right wrist. I wanted something that looked sort of tribal, that would represent Hawaii to me. I also ended up later (see below) with a hibiscus flower, which I believe is the state flower of Hawaii.

This is my 3rd, on my left upper arm. I LOVE unicorns. I have an extensive collection with over 200 items in it, including this - extra points if you recognize what this unicorn is from.

My fourth, on my left outer calf. Calla lillies with the same coloring as the ones we had in our wedding.

My fifth, on my left inner wrist. A trinity knot, which can symbolize many things including father, son and holy spirit; maiden, mother and crone; mind, body and spirit.

My last tattoo (for now), a purple hibiscus flower on my right upper arm. I was going to get a big purple one and two smaller pink ones off to the side but she ended up having to make it bigger than I originally planned, so we didn't have time for the smaller ones that day.

Hubby's 1st, which he got before he met me, Bohr's atom.

His second, which he got the same day I got my flower anklet. It's a sun, but made to look like stone.
Hubby's fourth, which he got on our honeymoon the day I got the tribal wrist band. Stitch from Lilo & Stitch - represents Hawaii to him!

Hubby's fourth, which he got in China. It means 'relax'. It's on his right inner wrist.

Hubby's fifth, which he got the day I got the lillies. A phoenix rising on his left inner wrist. This is my favorite of his, I'm thinking about getting it somewhere, but I haven't decided where.


Cathy said...

Have one and I tell you, I'm not doing it again. It hurts like...

Happy WW!

Randall said...

Interesting photos. Tattoos really have become incredibly fashionable in the last decade. When I got mine it was still pretty much a "guy thing".

catsynth said...

Quite a collection of tattoos. I like that abstract one in the second photo.

Nancy Brown said...

WOW. I am horrified to get one but yours are lovely. I am glad they mean something to you. That is important to me as well.

Come and visit. Happy WW11

keithsramblings said...

A living canvas! Interesting.

Bunny Trails said...

Those are all great tats. I'm too big a wimp to ever get one, but I can appreciate them on others. {giggle}. The stories are half the fun, so I'm glad you didn't keep it wordless. Happy WW! :D

Gabriel said...

LOL. Nice pictures, though tatoos are definitely not 'my' thing.

Have a great day, and thanks for dropping by.

My WW post...

carrie said...

very pretty and graphic.

happy ww

jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

Very cool tattoos! I love your hibiscus!

Vhiel said...

oh.. hats off to those who got one.. can't tolerate pain.. me and my sister before was wanting to get one on our ankle but change our mind..lol

happy wordless wednesday.. by the way, I have a tote and diaper changing pad giveaway over at my blog..if you would like to join in, do check us out.

Giveaway Galore

Immoral Matriarch said...

I cannot wait for my next one! But, I'll have to - being as I'm broke.

BK said...

You said in your post, your last tattoo ... sure you are not going to get anymore new tattoo? Of all your tattoo, I like the one you got from Hawaii. Your hubby's phoenix rising is cool.

Raven said...

My nieces both have small tattoos. I'm old and too late to start. Those are all beautiful and really well photographed. Cool.

Thanks for visiting Raven's Nest yesterday. Sorry to be so slow getting around to visit.

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