July 18, 2008

SYTYCD: Top 10 Results Show

Wow, Cat's dress actually isn't that horrible. Way to go with continuing to include Bollywood! It's great to see new styles being introduced to this country. Also, woo hoo for four Emmy nominations for SYTYCD! I do love Wade Robson & Shane Sparks.

The Mia Michaels routine was just gorgeous. I loved seeing all the girls dance together like that, and it was just so raw and beautiful. The longing was great, they were so in character, and the makeup was really cool, subtle, but when they showed their faces during the announcement of the bottom two girls, you could really see the makeup. Kherington looked SO DIFFERENT with the make-up and the extensions! I almost didn't recognize her. Bottom two girls then... Comfort and Kherington! I was right!

When the routine started, I guessed that the mystery choreographer was Benji. And.... I was totally WRONG! It was NIGEL! That is awesome. Seriously. I liked the routine, it was fun! I liked Twitch with his glasses. Bottom two guys then... Mark and Gev. Only 1/2 right on that one... I love Gev! and Mark! I didn't want EITHER of them to go home!

I LOVED Comfort's solo. It was just awesome. I also LOVED Mark's solo, I really like him, he's so unique and weird and interesting, and kinda cute, ya know? Quirky! Wow to Kherington and her toe points! I love that Gev was dancing to Michael Buble. That is funny. Holy crap, that one move he did where he wa son his head then went up on his arms... good Lord! It seemed like they all put so much into their solos on this show, it's too bad it has no effect on the outcome, you know? After the solos, I didn't want any of them to go. Although I definitely cared more about the guys - I guess I really like ALL FIVE of the guys, I need to pick my favorites! It's so hard though, I've never liked all the guys this much before. For the girls, I think Courtney and Katee are my favorites at this point.

I was actually really surprised when she said Kherington. Somehow, I just thought it would be Comfort. It was so sad when they showed Kherington's family, her Mom looked so sad. Then when they showed Twitch and he had his head down, that seriously almost made me cry!

Then I had to lose one of my boys... nooo... Gev. I will miss him. Sad... I agree with Gev, that's a really sad goodbye song they chose for the boys!

Sigh... so we are down to top 8! More next week - I can't wait!


Sarah said...

I couldn't believe it was Kherington either!! She had one bad week and was gone...Comfort wasn't even supposed to be there and she stayed :(

I'm not surprised it was Gev...I have a feeling next week it'll be Mark...the other boys are too HAWT to go home yet ;)

Mia's routine was INSANELY beautiful!!! OMG...I could watch it over and over and over!!!

And Nigel's!! That was SO much fun!! I was giggling the whole way through it!! It was perfect for the boys, and they had so much fun!!!

Britt said...

I was so sad to see Gev go. He's such a cute little guy. I was shocked that Kherington was the one to go. She didn't do well this week, so I expected to see her in the bottom 2 but I thought she'd bounce back.