July 14, 2008

So You Think You Can FAIL?

Yeah, that's right. I didn't watch SYTYCD on time again this week. I FAIL. Not only does this make the posts I write (and am still COMPELLED to post) somewhat irrelevant, but it hurts. I love this show, I want to watch it right when it's over, but alas, I was away for the weekend. This is the last time that I fail at this, and I'm serious.

The Performance Show:

Cat Deely's dress looks like it was made out of a seashore hotel bedspread. And Mary Murphy, again with the glitter. Ugh.

Round 1:
  • Chelsea & Mark dancing Salsa: She looked pretty hot, and she made it look easy. I bet I would die if I tried doing that routine. Great opening number.
  • Comfort & Thayne dancing Hip Hop: I liked the choreography, I always like it when there's a story. But I agree with the judges, it lacked chemistry.
  • Jessica & Will dancing Contemporary: Um.... I am sorry, Tyce, but I don't think I got it. I was impressed by their connection, the way they dance off each other, the passion in their performance.
  • Courtney & Gev dancing Cha Cha: Holy jump Gev! That was a fabulous opening. That was AWESOME! They really are perfect for each other.
  • Kherington & Twitch dancing Krump: The strobe lights sort of made me feel like my head was exploding, and made it harder to see their movements or something. Obviously Twitch was great, and I think Kherington did a great job considering who she is, her cuteness etc. She did step it up. She looked gorgeous. She did lose the energy at the end though, when they showed the beginning, then the end right after, you could really tell. It was SO much better than the last time someone did Krump on this show, that's for sure.
  • Katee & Joshua dancing Viennese Waltz: That really was gorgeous. Again, they made it look easy.

Round 2

  • Chelsea & Mark dancing Broadway: It was funny to hear Chelsea say that playing sexy isn't really 'her' because she is so hot! I LOVED it! They did a great job with it, made it their own, and HOT!

It should be recognized that up until this point, this post was written on Thursday. As in, the day after the dance show aired. I ALMOST did it people, I ALMOST got the whole show watched before I left for three days for the weekend putting off watching it until MONDAY. Sigh...

  • Comfort & Thayne dancing Contemporary: I didn't feel the connection really. It wasn't that impressive.
  • Jessica & Will dancing Quick Step: Great performance, couldn't judge technique except to say that Jessica's shoulder carriage was awkward.
  • Courtney & Gev dancing Jazz: I really liked this one. I liked the tempo and the story and they did a great job. Great choice of music too. It was fun.
  • Kherington & Twitch dancing Tango: I didn't believe the story, they made it look too choreographed. I was disappointed because I didn't feel like it lived up to what I expected when I heard them talking during the rehearsal.
  • Katee & Joshua dancing Bollywood: I admit, I'm a fan of Bollywood, and so I was really looking forward to this routine. And.... holy crap, that was AWESOME! It was just fantastic, as Nigel said.

Favorites: Courtney & Gev (Cha Cha), Chelsea & Mark (Broadway), Courtney & Gev (Jazz), Katee & Joshua (Bollywood)

Prediction for bottom 3: Comfort & Thayne, Kherington & Twitch, and Jessica & Will. It's getting harder to pick the bottom 3, there are routines I don't like as much, but there aren't really screw ups or real flops as much as there are in the beginning.

Results Show:

Well, Kat's dress was less of a disaster but that giant black thing on her head was sort of ugly.

Bottom 3: Comfort & Thayne, Jessica & Will and Kherington & Twitch (I know what I am talking about... apparently)

Predictions after solos: Jessica & Thayne

Eliminated: Comfort & Thayne. Well, I was 1/2 right.

Sigh... see you next week. I promise, on time.

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