July 31, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6

Hey, look, I'm on time! Can you believe it? Last week my computer didn't record the show, so I ended up just reading who had gotten eliminated, and I was so shocked! I watched the performances afterwards, and I still can't believe that Will got eliminated.

I can't believe it's down to the top 6 already - I feel like it just started yesterday! And we're left with Courtney, Joshua, Chelsea, Mark, Katee, and Twitch. I think I'm rooting for Mark and Katee. I don't know. It's hard to choose, but I think my FAVORITE at this point is Mark.
  • Courtney & Mark dancing Viennese Waltz: What a cute couple. it was beautiful, smooth, looked effortless to me. What a good match. I believed tehm both, and they made it look so easy. I didn't like Courtney that much in the beginning, but I've grown to really like her as the season went on. I loved the look on Mark's face as they ended the dance, joyful. I agree with Adam - terrifying! How will we be able to judge if they ALL do well!?
  • Chelsea Solo: I freaking hate the Pussycat Dolls. I hate that freaky thing they do with their voices where it slides up. She looked good, but I feel like her solos are always the same.
  • Twitch Solo: Awesome as usual. I love watching him dance. He's amazing. And I love it that a dancer of his style has made it this far in the competition this year. It just goes to show that people shouldn't be pigeonholed. Also, hilarious that Cat put on the gold teeth - so funny!
  • Joshua & Katee dancing Contemporary: It was beautiful. That leap Katee did into Joshua's harms with her legs spread was just amazing (leap catch). They were beautiful together. They really do dance well as a couple.
  • Chelsea & Twitch dancing Mambo: Loved her costumes, the little ankle flair was funny. She did amazing. I think he did too, especially for that completely not being his background, they both kept up with the routine, which was FAST. And they managed the kickkover, plus that spin at the end where she was crouched down was freaking crazy.
  • Katee Solo: I thought she used the music pretty well, but all in all it was definitely not my favorite solo that she's done.
  • Joshua Solo: Loved it. It's so amazing to watch him go from dancing contemporary to that! Just amazing.
  • Courtney & Mark dancing Jazz: I'm not sure I usually get Sonya's routines so we'll see how this goes. I do like pieces that are a little darker sometimes. And... I did like it, but I still don't get what 'Jazz' means. I liked watching it, but I didn't feel connected with it. Of course the judges LOVED it. I did think it really suited Mark, and Nigel is right about Courtney - she does well at EVERYTHING they throw at her!
  • Katee & Joshua dancing Pasa Doble: I loved the music, I just loved the beginning when it picked up and Joshua slid across the stage. That was just fucking FABULOUS. The look on Joshua's face at the end was perfect. I totally agree with Adam, Joshua is just amazing. As far as couples go, I think they may be my favorite couple this season.
  • Courtney Solo: She looked really pretty. I could tell she was putting herself into it, good different choice of music. Definitely my favorite girl solo of the night.
  • Mark Solo: I just love his style.
  • Twitch & Chelsea dancing Hip Hop: It's interesting that this couple both got their own styles in their routines tonight. I love it when there's a story, and this was a great one. Loved the stick, and the choreography. I thought they danced it really well.

It's so hard to choose after seeing the boys solos, I like all three of them so much. But I just love the combination of Mark's style and personality.

I love it when people show up, like how Gillian Lynne who choreographed Cats & Phantom of the Opera, and Paula Abdul, who is also a dancer/choreographer (some people forget that). Especially for GL being there, it makes me feel like it really is a legitimate outlet for so many choreographers. I think that's cool because in this country, I don't feel like dancing is as recognized, let alone choreography. I just love it.

Prediction: I think that Joshua and Katee will be safe, the others will be the bottom four.

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Tracey said...

I love Katee and Joshua. Katee seems the most versatile and Joshua seems to have so much potential.