July 17, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 10!

Hey look at me, on time with my SYTYCD post. As in, I am posting about the dancing show BEFORE the results show airs. Go me.

I like when they get to week 10 and the partners switch up. It'll be interesting to see how people do with different partners. So, here we go...

God, Kat Deely, WHY? I mean, is it just that your trademark is ugly dresses now? I thought it was interesting that they didn't include Comfort in the beginning introductions. I didn't expect Jessica to be there though. Oh no, Mary has a bad wardrobe problem today too. Sigh...

Round 1:
  • Courtney & Joshua dancing Hip Hop: Courtney popping? Hm... I liked it - of course you might have known that I'd like the story aspect. It was pretty good, they did a good job together, and I loved her costume. Great choreography, I agree. Courtney did step it up, and they did make it their own.
  • Kherington & Mark dancing Country Two-Step: Dude, it looks fast. Husband: That's a hot dress. Me: It's UGLY though! Husband: *laughter* Yeah, it is. It was kind of cool, but I didn't really believe it. It went fast, but once they showed all those replays with all the missed connections, I could see why it wasn't working.
  • Comfort & Twitch dancing Smooth Waltz: My first words: "Oh God". I was impressed. Not necessarily by their technique, the extensions weren't quite there, and even I could see that. They were BELIEVABLE though! So cute, I was just sitting there smiling! It wasn't at the level of top 10. In explaining to my husband why I didn't think it was good, I said something about the rise and fall and seeing a waltz rhythm in a waltz. He said "Oh that was a waltz?' and then laughed, understanding why I didn't think it was that good!
  • Katee & Will dancing Broadway: Husband: Is his name Tasty Oreo? I SO need to get him to watch this with me more often... I have high hopes for this couple. Oh, it was so cute! Or, freaking HOT with the shirt ripping... I loves me some Will. It was great, and they make a great couple.
  • Chelsea & Gev dancing Contemporary: Gev's leaps were just gorgeous. I felt like he shined in this routine, and I'm not sure I expected that. They were belieavable, they were a good couple.

Round 2...

  • Courtney & Joshua dancing Rhumba: This has such potential to be amazing, passionate... hot. Let's see. Joshua looks so elegant and powerful like a lion. I'm sorry I just said that, but it's the analogy that came to mind. It was good, but not quite as good as I expected it to be. I didn't feel the passion like I wanted to. After the judges spoke, I seem to not know what I'm talking about... I would like for Joshua to take his shirt off though.
  • Kherington & Mark dancing Jazz: Excellent song choice. I almost forgot that I don't "get" jazz, but then I remembered. I agree with Mary, I wasn't fired up and didn't feel it.
  • Comfort & Twitch dancing Hip Hop: I expect A LOT from this. It was pretty good, and I LOVED the ending.
  • Katee & Will dancing Pas de Deux: I seriously had to look up online what the hell this dance was called (Thanks, BSYTYCD!). Just in case you don't know either, here's the definition from wikipedia: In ballet, a pas de duex is a duet in which ballet steps are performed together. Um... couldn't they at least just say ballet for us simpletons out here? Anyhow... barf on dancing to DAvid Archuleta. Will was GORGEOUS. His jumps were just amazing. That was a HARD routine. I saw once in the middle where she got a little stuck during a turn, but other than that, it was pretty impressive.
  • Chelsea & Gev dancing Jive: Woah, that is fast. My legs would fall off. I think, literally fall off. Well, that was just fucking fabulous. I liked the comment "Your legs were like lightning" that Li'l C made about Chelsea.

I'm not sure I like how the solos are interspersed. Has it always been like that? Probably, and I just don't remember.

Favorites: Courtney & Joshua (Hip Hop), Katee & Will (Broadway), Katee & Will (Pas de Deux), Chelsea & Gev (Jive)

Favorite Solos: Gev, Mark, Twitch, Katee (I could see it in her face), Will, Joshua

Okay, I don't know how many they put in the bottom tomorrow, so I'm going to predict 2 guys and 2 girls.

Predictions for Bottom 2 Girls & Guys: Seriously, this is so hard. I am just taking shots in the dark. Um... Twitch & Mark and Comfort & Kherington??

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