July 7, 2008

So You Think You Can Blog?

Obviously, my weekly blogging about So You Think You Can Dance was a major FAIL last week. What the hell? I don't know, I just never got a chance to actually watch the shows until today. Sad, I know. Sometimes, that's life with a 2 year old. Who is at his grandma's now, so here it is. Not as timely as it should have been, but I am so into this show that I HAVE to write it down.

Cat Deely, another fugly dress, but at least her hair looked really pretty!

The dancing...

Round 1:
  • Jessica & Will dancing Jive: REALLY good considering the trouble they were having in rehearsal. I don't know much about the technique aspects that Mary & Nigel talked about. Also, that one lift where she went through his legs and flipped up was awesome. And she looked gorgeous!
  • Comfort & Thayne dancing Broadway: This should be interesting... was my first thought. She looked so pretty! And he is so well suited for this kind of dance with his background. I totally believed her in this routine. Some of the lifts/twists were a little awkward though.
  • Kourtni & Matt dancing Hip Hop: It looked a little weird because his legs are so much longer and when he did the steps his legs were able to spread a lot more than hers, I almost felt like she wasn't kicking out much. It was just... there. I agreed with Mary, I liked it, it was okay. But it wasn't great. It wasn't at the level of top 14.
  • Chelsea & Mark dancing Jazz: Okay... remember how I didn't used to get what contemporary really was? I think maybe now I'm at that point with jazz. I'm not sure what it's supposed to be. Like, what is the difference between jazz and contemporary technicality wise? But despite that, I thought it was really good! I really like them, they are a great pair and at the top of my list. I agree with Nigel, you don't notice how fast it is when it's that good! They were great.
  • Kherington & Twitch dancing Pasa Doble: Holy crap dude, that was hot! The costumes. The anger. The movement. So good. But again, the technical side alludes me.
  • Katee & Joshua dancing Contemporary: Amazing. I am continuously impressed by Joshua and his ability to do so many styles that aren't his own. They were hard to take my eyes off of. It was just amazing.
  • Courtney & Gev dancing Hip Hop: I felt like Courtney's feet were a little too bouncy. Is that a weird thing to say. Maybe. The routine was really good though, Courtney did a good job. It was fun. But it wasn't huge.
Round 2:
  • Jessica & Will dancing Lyrical Jazz: What is the difference between Jazz and Lyrical Jazz?? I have no idea. But, they were amazing. I felt that. It was believable. It was fun. The shirt actually worked instead of being a hindrance.
  • Comfort & Thayne dancing Smooth Waltz: It was pretty. She looked great. They did a good job.
  • Kourtni & Matt dancing Mambo: There were parts where his face was not quite right, and where I could tell she was thinking about the dance. I agree with Mary, the chemistry just wasn't there.
  • Chelsea & Mark dancing Foxtrot: Love the music. Bon Jovi cover from Paul Anka's CD Rock Swings. It's funny, check it out. The dance was good. I think that this is one that maybe people won't get because they don't know the technical aspects and how good it was.
  • Kherington & Twitch dancing Contemporary: WOW. Twitch was able to shine in this one. He was totally believable and even brought a tear to my eye. I love the storytelling contemporary. I really do. Thanks to this show.
  • Katee & Joshua dancing West Coast Swing: Benji! Yay! And Lacey! HAPPY! Except... I didn't love it. I felt like there wasn't enough footwork, it just wasn't great for me. I don't know why. I just didn't FEEL it. The judges didn't agree.
  • Courtney & Gev dancing Broadway: I liked it, it made me smile. But I don't know if the people who are voting will get this one. They might. But I'm not sure.
My favorites: Chelsea & Mark (Jazz), Katee & Joshua (Contemporary), Jessica & Will (Lyrical Jazz), Kherington & Twitch (Contemporary),

Predictions for the bottom 3: Kourtni & Matt, Courtney & Gev, Comfort & Thayne

Results show:

Loved the opening routine, I loved the costumes and the choreography. Go Tyce!

Lord, Cat. The dress is okay, but the necklace? What IS that? Argh.

Actual bottom 3: Kourtni & Matt, Courtney & Gev, Comfort & Thayne (three for three on my predictions!).

I LOVE that they had that Robert guy popping from the auditions on the show! He is amazing and so awesome and captivating to watch, it's so great they invited him! That is some serious talent, I can't even imagine moving my body like that.

My prediction after solos: Oh man, this is getting hard. As there are less contestants, they want it more, they do better on their solos, they're more passionate, and they're GOOD. I'll have to predict Kourtni and Matt. After seeing the three girls solos, I felt like Kourtni's was the least passionate, although it's a hard call to make. I think they're still going to want to see more from Comfort. Same with the boys, Gev and Thayne just hit it harder.

INSERT: Another musical performance I don't care about.

Eliminated: Kourtni and Matt

On a final note, I have decided that I would like to go out to lunch with Nigel. He is funny.

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