July 7, 2008

Movie Monday: Wanted & Hancock,

No spoilers this week, just reviews!

Wanted: So, it is no big secret that I have a giant problem with James McAvoy. And by problem I mean huge, drooling crush. Orlando Bloom? A thing of the past. Anyhow, I was originally drawn to this movie by him. There is this phenomenon where when a (hot) actor often plays... less physical roles, then he gets put in a movie where he kicks ass (ala Orlando Bloom in Kingdom of Heaven), it's flipping HOT! As soon as I saw James McAvoy curving that bullet in the previews I was in. I didn't know exactly what to expect from the plot, and didn't realize how intereting the cinematography and stylization would be. I enjoyed it a lot. I liked the plot, I liked watching the weird style of the scenes. But I still can't decide how good it was. I'd be interested to read the comics/graphic novels that it's based on, and see how closely it follows. I liked Angelina Jolie in it. I don't always like her, but I felt like (despite being a freakishly talented asassin), she seemed sort of normal. I don't know why. I also liked her hair. I did not like Morgan Freeman's casting in it. I have a really hard time with Morgan Freeman as a tough or bad guy. It just doesn't fit for me, his looks, his voice etc. Anyhow, It was worth seeing if you are an action fan, if you like the actors, are interested in movies that are styled a little bit new or differently, or if you (like me) love supporting the comic book movie genre.

Hancock: All I knew before seeing this movie was that it was about a reluctant superhero. I actually expected it to be funnier. There were funny parts, but as often happens with movies, there was a very sad element to a large part of it. Hancock is not only reluctant, he's alone. He's sad, he doesn't respect himself, and he's lonely. He doesn't know what to do with himself. I had a really hard time watching the last movie I saw Will Smith in, I Am Legend, because throughout the whole movie I felt SO BAD for the main character that it hurt. I felt a little bit of that in this movie. That aside, I really liked it. The first half of the movie was just about what I expected, but then about halfway through there was a turn that I DIDN'T in any way anticipate, and it made for a very interesting movie. A different plot, one that I felt was new and fresh, and a fairly good ending. For fans of Will Smith, Charlize Theron, or of course Jason Bateman, I'd definitely recommend it!


auds at barking mad said...

I haven't seen Wanted yet. I am only just now able to sit for close to an hour without being in horrific pain (from a tailbone injury earlier this year) so I'm doing one movie every couple of weeks. And after The Happening...sheesh, I can't handle any more movies with "messages"...hence I won't be seeing WALL-E anytime soon!

However, I did see Hancock this wweekend and I sat there, the entire time saying to myself, "don't let Will Smith die, don't let Will Smith die...." I Am Legend made me so angry, along with shed a few tears.

I thought Hancock was unconventional and "different." I wasn't expecting the thing between him and Charlize Theron's character. I knew something was up between them, but not THAT! I did enjoy it. But there were a lot of loose ends that needed explaining or tieing up. And I do wonder if they left it potentially open-ended for sequels? I dunno, just a thought.

I do agree with you though about it being new and fresh. It is probably one we'll add to our DVD collection once it comes out.

Melissa said...

Glad to see that someone liked Hancock. It's gotten such mixed reviews that I'm a little scared to drop my money on it.

I did LOVE I Am Legend though. Even though it was really sad. It was just a great movie. Wil Smith? Just basically rocks.

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