July 14, 2008

Movie Monday: Brendan Fraser & Hellboy

Journey to the Center of the Earth (3D!): I admit that I decided I wanted to see this movie the minute I saw the first preview. Justin was not as convinced, but when we had the opportunity to go and see it in 3D, he was totally in. We went with Violet on Friday night to see it. First of all, this whole new 3D movies thing is just amazing to me. I mean, how do they DO that? We saw some cute looking previews, including one for something called 'Fly Me to the Moon' about these little kid flies that go to space. In any case, I was not disappointed by this movie. The cool thing was that since it wasn't TRYING to be real, there's not the question of plausability. Yeah, nothing about it is plausable, so you can just enjoy it without thinking too hard about it. The story was cute, the center of the earth looked cool, and the 3D was awesome. Also, I like Brendan Fraser. I've been getting excited about the upcoming Mummy 3, which features not only Brendan Fraser but the wonderful John Hannah, who I have been totally in love with since Sliding Doors, which happens to be one of my favorite movies. I would definitely recommend this movie to Sci-Fi fans, and to Brendan Fraser fans. However, it is fairly scary and I wouldn't take the younger kids to see it, although they might be able to handle most of it on DVD in the safety of home.

Hellboy 2: I love comic book movies. You may already know that. I was excited when I saw that Hellboy 2 was coming out, but I wasn't super excited. I knew I would enjoy it and it would be good. I'll tell you what though, I LOVED IT! I think that a lot of this owes to Guillermo Del Toro. I did not like Pan's Labyrinth. I expected something much different than what I got, and I was disappointed at how sad and depressing the movie was. What was lacking for me in Pan's Labyrinth I FOUND in Hellboy 2. Guillermo Del Toro's imaginings of these amazing creatures are really incredible, and they were really showcased in this movie. Amazing. I just loved the stylization, I loved the scene at the beginning where Hellboy's father is telling him a story and it went into this weird wooden puppet sort of representation of the story, it was so wonderful. If you liked Hellboy, you will definitely like this movie. If you like comic book movies, you'll like it. If you like Guillermo Del Toro, you'll like it. So basically, go see it. I might go see it again if Violet doesn't get a chance to go see it without me. And I will not mind paying to see it on the big screen again.

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auds at barking mad said...

Not reading your post about Hellboy because I can NOT wait to see it! Absolutely can NOT!

I just don't want ANYTHING to spoil it for me.