July 3, 2008

A Journey in Faith: Inspiration

Some of the posts over at Suburban Turmoil's Perfect Post Awards were tough this week. Well written, but leaving me with tears streaming down my face. While looking through the posts, I discovered Andrea aka Punk Rock Mommy. I was drawn in by her incredibly intimate and moving post about how she is done. Her cancer has finally brought her to the point of choosing to stop treatment and live the rest of her days out in peace and love with her family. Throughout the day, I've read through most of her archived posts, skimming some and fully reading others. At one point I came across her post Personal Jesus, in which she talks about hearing the voice of God. Again I found myself in tears, so moved by her experience that I couldn't even speak. Now, Andrea is dying. She no longer prays for more time in this life.

A lot of people have this fit-in-a-box view of what it is to be religious, spiritual, a Christian. I used to have that view. I used to assume people with tattoos, people who swore, etc. would end up not being religious. I used to think that to have faith you had to conform. In the past few years, I've learned how untrue that actually is, and I've wanted to share about my journey here. After reading Andrea's posts, I am inspired to begin sharing my journey and what faith has done for me in my life. Starting today, I'll be posting another piece every Thursday for the next five weeks. The posts will all have the label 'journey of faith', and at the end I'll probably make a link to the whole series. The pieces will be:

What do I hope to get out of this? I hope that maybe I can inspire someone else to share their journey the way Andrea inspired me. I hope that maybe I can help someone who struggles with spirituality to take another step, no matter how small, in their own journey. I hope that maybe I can help break a stereotype or help someone see that Christians come in all shapes and sizes. I also hope that when I'm going through hard times, I'll be able to look back on what I've written here, and find my hope again. I hope you enjoy it.

Find the rest of the series here.

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Greyscale Territory said...

This is inspiring for anyone who wishes to find some spirituality in their life.

Smiles and Light