July 18, 2008

Haiku Friday: Positive Energy, Prayers or Telepathic Hugs

Haiku Friday

In my wanderings
In worlds real and virtual
I come across them

People who are sad
Or trying to be so strong
In the face of pain

People who smile
Trying not to see the worst
In the face of fear

They have lived through it
Sickness, abuse, children lost
Loved ones facing death

They are living it
Seizures, stalkers, pregnancies
Testing for answers

I pray for them but
They could use more positive
Energy from you

Let us lift them up
Show them the good in the world
Send virtual hugs

Not everyone prays
But positive thoughts or notes
Mean the world sometimes

A difference is made
When someone says simple words,
"You are not alone"

I've read some pretty powerful, sad, touching and emotional posts in the last few weeks. I have a running list in my head of people who need positive energy and love a little more than I do right now, people who I will pray for.

I know that not everyone prays, but most people have their own way of caring, of sending positivie energy into the world, of lifting up people who really need it. To this effect, I have started a Prayer List. There is a link over there on the left, under Listmania & Favorite Posts. It will help me keep track of who needs support right now in my life, people I've met, or people who I only know through the posts I've read. I will always include links when possible so I can go back for updates, and you can too if you want to.

We can really make a difference to each other. If you push all of the bloggy drama and snark to the background, in the blogs I read, I find a real community of people who care for each other, support each other, and help each other. I have found support online when I couldn't find what I needed elsewhere and I hope that I will be able to provide the same for the other people out there. Those who read my blog, and those whose blogs I read who don't even know I exist. I find myself really caring, emotionally invested, and want to offer my help in whatever way I can. If you find yourself feeling that way, and you have positive energy to spare, check in on the list every once in a while, and send it out to those who need it.

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Greyscale Territory said...

What beautiful thoughts! Inspiring! Whenever I feel overwhelmed with worry, feeling sorry for myself, I try to help someone somewhere. Great medicine!

Auds at Barking Mad said...

You are right m'dear...despite all of the high school drama that can be so prevelant out here, there is a real sense of community and cammaraderie that prevales and is wonderful when someone needs to be surrounded by love, support and encouragement.

Great post!

maggies mind said...

Beautiful haiku. I definitely think that people thinking good thoughts for others can't be a bad thing. And if it has even more power, then that's icing on the cake because just people caring about other people is pretty darn powerful because of what it does to our hearts when we care. Kind of went on a little tangent there, but I loved this!

Mom24 said...

It's amazing how much the kindness of strangers can feel so supportive. Great Haiku.