June 15, 2008

Weight-loss Weekend

I lost a lot of weight this weekend. No, I don't mean physical weight. I mean that after having the worst weekend I've ever felt last week, and a difficult week, and all of the things I was worrying about last time I posted, I feel like some of that weight has been lifted.

On Saturday, Sam stayed in bed until 10:30. What?! I'm not sure when he woke up, I think he was awake for an hour just hanging around in there doing who knows what. So Justin and I got to sleep in a little bit and then my Mom took Sam at 11:00 and kept him ALL DAY.

We got done all of our paperwork and documentation for the bankruptcy lawyer, now we can make an appointment to get the case started, which means we'll have a case number, which means that the credit card companies will be required to STOP with the dozens of phone calls a day. One thing that took up a good portion of that time was valuing all of our assets. This basically involves thinking of every single thing you own and how much it's worth. It's very weird to sit down and figure out how much your stuff is worth, and think about everything that you own. To basically place a monetary value on every physical thing in your life. The total was much lower than I thought. And it made me realize that even though I feel like we have a lot of stuff, even if we sold it all we would not be able to get out of this hole. We don't own anything worth more than a couple of thousand dollars. No property, no vehicles worth more, we're still paying the loan on our car, so that doesn't even count. It makes me feel more comfortable with the idea of filing for bankruptcy because we really do need a fresh start. We just don't have the means to rectify this situation.

Justin also got together almost all the paperwork to send in to the accountants for our taxes for last year. We're still going to pay someone to do our 2007 taxes because Justin was working as a contractor until December and there are lots of business deductions as well as medical deductions.

We also talked about making a schedule so that we have set nights where we each get time to ourselves, and set nights as 'date nights' so we can just hire a regular sitter and count on having that time together.

I think that some of the shock of other family things going on right now is wearing off a little bit. Sometimes we really do just need time.

Today, for Father's Day, we went to church down in Seattle. They did a slideshow from the Men's Mission Trip to Mexico that Justin went on a few weeks ago, and a couple of the guys shared their experiences. It was wonderful. And then the kids choir came in and did a couple of songs. After church we headed down to SafeCo Field for the Mariner's Game with Justin's Mom & her husband Rich, Justin's brother and his family, and a bunch of other family from Rich's side of the family. It went so much better than I thought it would! Sam ran around some, but he stayed in our seats, walking between us and climbing on our laps and eating fries and visiting with his grandparents for over an hour. We ended up leaving after the sixth inning, when the score was 2-2. I think I'll just pretend that was the end of the game, because after we left, the Mariners ended up losing 6-2.

Sam has also been talking a lot the last couple of days. He's been watching his Baby Babble DVD and talking along with it, and today he was talking up a storm in the car, learning the sounds and noises to make words. It is still frustrating, but I do feel like he's making progress.

I'm working on some things for this week, so come back soon...

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