June 10, 2008

TV Tuesday: Battlestar, Fear Itself, Top Chef

Justin's been watching that new show In Plain Sight, but I haven't gotten around to the first 2 episodes yet, so I'll have to save that for next week. We're also watching Criminal Intent again. Why is Vincent D'Onofrio so creepy?

*SPOILER ALERT: Contains spoilers for the shows in the title*

Fear Itself: We just watched this new NBC summer show last night. From what I understand, it's sort of Twilight Zone-ish in the way that it's a different story each week. This one was about Vampire creatures. It wasn't bad. A little predictable, and the ending was nothing special, but for now I'll keep watching it.

Top Chef: Woah man. I was disappointed that Antonia got sent home instead of Lisa. I feel like she got sent home for undercooked peas. I just can't see Lisa winning the whole thing, I feel like they really just brought it down to Stephanie v. Richard. And I actually really like both of them, so I'll be happy either way. They're both much more likable to me than anyone else who's ever won in the past. Can't wait for the finale.

Battlestar Galactica:
Finally watched it on Sunday. It was good! I keep wondering how many episodes are left. Dude, they BLEW UP THE HUB! Which is kind of a reminder to me that the show is indeed ending, because that's kind of huge. All the Cylons are mortal! Who is the final Cylon? What is Adama going to do when he finds out Tigh is a Cylon? Did Tigh really impregnate the Six? BTW, eeewwwww.... I hate it when he sees her as his wife, it's so freaking creepy. How could she be pregnant if they're both Cylons? Why didn't she let Baltar die? What does it meeeeeeean? When Baltar was lying there telling her what he did, I was sort of wondering if she was going to reach in and rip his guts out. When will they find Earth? Can Cylons and Humans co-exist now? I freakin' love it... I'm sad it's ending but I feel like it will also be gratifying, and maybe they'll decide to do some more movies for us.


Anonymous said...

Vincent D'Onofrio may be many things--brilliant,sexy,thought-provoking,intense,funny,charming, quirky,ect-- but creepy never!

That is unless the script he is given demands some of that quality, yet even with the most frightening character, Vincent D'Onofrio still manages to connect, or reveal some humanity even in the most insane, or demented characters!

He gave Private "Gomer Pyle" in his first big film a certain sweetness and pathos to a young man slowly being brutalized by the cruelty of those around him.

His alien in Men in Black had a bizarro sense of humor as did Pooh Bear, while he made us care about poor, tormented serial killer Carl Stargher as revealed by the inner working of his damaged pysche.

That is acting at its finest!

Love him or hate him-- you can't ignore him and he manages to make many of the so-called superstars fade into the wallpaper when he is present!

e m o j a b. said...

I think you watch more tv than i do.


Heather said...

I don't even know these shows! I do love Hell's Kitchen though which sounds like your Top Chef. I wish I had time to cook exciting things! John keeps wanting to get rid of our satellite tv but I need to watch a few silly shows when I'm pregnant and then nursing a newborn so he's out of luck for awhile.

Rachael said...

anonymous: I don't deny he's a good actor, but I'm afraid that he is a little creepy. Also, I'm going thave to cross out 'sexy' from my list, but he is definitely intense and quirky!