June 27, 2008

SYTYCD: Top 16 Results Show

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As is often my first thought, WTF is with Cat's dress?? Who dresses her? Seriously, because I could use an awesome job on SYTYCD, and could do way better. What the hell is with that freaky ruffle? At least Mary was dressed normal...

Can I just say after the guest performance, I STILL love Hok. He is just so great.

I went three for three on my predictions this week! Woo! After the solos, my prediction is... Chelsea and Matt. I just didn't see enough heart in Chelsea's solo. And I feel like Matt's just not done enough to stay. But will the judges finally split a couple this week?

Insert: Another musical performance I don't care about, but find much less annoying than The Pussycat Dolls. Oooh, but that is pretty dress! And I would die if I tried to wear those heels. I would literally fall and break my bones.

Of course, again I am only 1/2 right. And the judges DID split up a couple this week! Thayne and Comfort are the new couple. Hm....

On a totally unrelated note, Sam went to bed without a pacifier on his own tonight. He's getting so big!


Immoral Matriarch said...

I'm not watching this season. :(

Sarah said...

I won't miss Chelsea and I thought Chris should've gone home last week over Marquis (Chris' solo was ho-hum last week). So I wasn't disappointed!!

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