June 19, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 18

All right... I'm kind of re-thinking the TV Tuesday thing. Here's why: I feel like my posts get outdated. If I blog about SYTYCD then wait until the next Tuesday to post it, who is even going to care anymore? I may keep TV Tuesdays in the fall for regular serial shows, but for reality shows especially, and for now, I'm going to post more often.

So, here is my take on last night's SYTYCD, and predictions...

First of all, what the hell is up with Mary's outfit? It's bizarre. It looks weirdly street-walkerish or something.
  • Courtney & Thane dancing Jazz: Liked the music, didn't like the routine. I haven't been very impressed by jazz yet this season.
  • Mark and Chelsea dancing Argentine Tango: I liked it! I am really starting to like Mark, he's so unique and does so well in character. I loved the lift at the end, and again thought the music was great.
  • Jessica & Will dancing Hip Hop: He was good, she wasn't believable to me. Also, I kind of hate what Nicole Scherzinger does with her voice and the music was distracting to me.
  • Kourtni & Matt dancing Foxtrot: Matt was good, very well suited to that type of dance, Kourtni was okay but again I didn't believe her quite as much as I did him. It was pretty but I wasn't that impressed.
  • Courtney & Gev dancing Contemporary: I thought it was BEAUTIFUL. I felt like they were in character well. I'll tell you what, this show has changed my opinions about contemporary dancing, and let me see how it can be. There have been more than one contemporary routine that have moved me to tears.
  • Katee & Joshua dancing Broadway: I agreed with Nigel, he's a freaking POPPER and he did THAT! It was awesome! I think seeing it on camera took a little a way - I bet it was amazing live. I love them together, they're an unexpected duo and work together really well!
  • Susie & Marquis dancing Salsa: I thought it was unfortunate that Susie overheard the choreographers comment ("Shes not really a salsa dancer, she's a street salsa dancer"). I think it probably took away some of her confidence. Dude, that was some fast-ass footwork. I feel like they did a GREAT job for having to learn a routine like that, I wouldn't make it two seconds in.
  • Kherington & Twitch dancing Viennese Waltz: The story that the choreographer told before just added that much more to the routine. It was beautiful, and she was GORGEOUS. I love them as a couple, and they were one of my favorites of the night, maybe my favorite in the competition so far.
  • Comfort & Chris KRUMP: I liked it. Chris impressed me, he did so well! I do agree with Nigel, it's passion that gets rid of agression and I didn't feel that in the routine. I didn't feel the nitty gritty of what krump should be, but I think it was good for what it was, I think Chris was good, and I think it will get them through to next week.
Predictions... bottom 3: Courtney & Thayne, Jessica & Will and Susie & Marquis.

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