June 26, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 16

Great show this week!
  • Kherington & Twitch dancing Hip Hop: Her facial expressions were a little much for me at times. I thought it was a good job, but it wasn't the best hip hop I've seen and it didn't WOW me that much, but apparently the judges disagree. I do think Kherington did a good job though since it's not her style.
  • Courtney & Gev dancing Rhumba: Holy crap that was SOME "dress" she was wearing! I was glad she realized her dress was caught on her shoe in the beginning, and she smoothly just got it free. I excpected the music to be faster, but what do I know about dance really? I thought it was pretty good, they did a good job and I feel like they get into character really well and are a very good match. I also did like it when Adam brought up that Gev is a hip-hopper, because I do tend to forget that. He's done so well so far!
  • Comfort & Chris dancing Jazz: As soon as Tyce said African Jazz, I was excited. I love it when they put the African style into the routines. Also, that is like the one Marilyn Manson song I know, and I really like it. So when the song started I was excited and thought it would be great. I liked it, but all in all I did feel it was a little soft. But, my 2 year old was totally rocking out to the song, which was hilarious. I do agree with Nigel that I expected a little more from the choreography and that they could have hit it harder.
  • Jessica & Will dancing Disco: I agreed, that was awesome at the end when he sort of slipped and then she moved to match him. I thought they were pretty good, they had that bouce, and I thought they danced it well, the first lift was really good, but some of the others weren't as good, and obviously there was the end. I thought that Jessica did shine, that she fit that disco style really well.
  • Kourtni & Matt dancing Contemporary: I didn't personally particularly like the routine, but I thought they danced it really well, it was a different style of contemporary, and they danced it really well and got to show their technique. I'm not sure if it will keep them in or not with the voters because like Nigel said, I'm not sure that people will understand it as well. But I think they definitely deserve to stay on another week after their performance!
  • Chelsea & Thayne dancing Quick Step: LOVED her dress. She has gotten to wear some good ones so far. Well, except that weird thing last week, but she looked so pretty. I really like her. I thought it was pretty good, but I sometimes have a hard time judging the ballroom routines because I can't always recognize the technique etc. I agree with Nigel, if Chelsea's personality doesn't show, we do lose her. I guess I have to just go with the judges, and I'm not sure they'll make it.
  • Chelsea & Mark dancing Hip Hop: This was unexpectedly one of my favorite routines of the night. I loved her character at the end. I loved that it was a little bit less traditional hip hip, they were just great. I think they might be one of my top couples at this point. I thought she was so believable, it was just great. Also, it made Adam freak out which was hilarious.
  • Katee & Joshua dancing Samba: HOT! That was hot. Seriously. Amazing. After last week and this week they are my top couple. She really pulled it out. So good.
Predictions for the bottom 3: Comfort & Chris, Kourtni & Matt, Chelsea & Thayne

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I totally missed it! I gotta remember to dvr it...