June 9, 2008

Movie Monday: FAIL

I fail at Movie Monday this week because I DIDN'T SEE ANY! If you know me, this may be shocking to you. I almost went to the movies twice yesterday, but that didn't happen. Justin was out of town for four days, so no opportunity to go to movies. Hopefully this week will be more promising.

I changed my template again. What I REALLY want is for someone to make me a custom template, but I do not have the money to pay anyone to do that for me and lack the knowledge to do it myself bit time. There was something about the one I was using that was nnoying me, this one's lighter and the sidebars are better. Also, I figured out how to move my widgets, which I didn't do last time, so I didn't have to re-do all of them, because that would have made me want to poke my eyes out with a fork. I'm trying to work out how to put a picture in my header and make it the right size etc. to fit the template. So, maybe soon I'll have a picture up there.

I have been reading Jennifer's series on advice for blogging, and stumbled into the world of networking sites, signed up for Good Blog, Technorati, and AllMediocre, then stumbled upon Stumble Upon. Oh my GOD. I could spend hours and hours and hours stumbling. It could take over my life! Maybe I should set a 'stumble limit' for myself - only five stubles per session! I also have Google Analytics set up, which is sort of silly because only like two people read my blog - my highest day 21 whole people came here. But I like seeing how people got here, it is interesting and makes me laugh.

Well, I'm supposed to be working right now so I better go do some of that...


moosh in indy. said...

Heh. What's funny is I found your site through technorati. HI! See it works!

Kevin H. said...

I found your site through ... I dunno, a bulletin you posted on a social networking site. I think.

Also I read this through my RSS aggregator, so that might skew your visits. It checks for updates hourly.

And finally, because I'm not done being boring, your RSS feed doesn't send the template info, so I never see it anway. And that's all for me.

jennifer, playgroups are no place for children said...

StumbleUpon IS addicting. Fun, too. Hopefully it will also send some traffic your way!

Immoral Matriarch said...

So. Your sidebars are EXTREMELY cluttered. It can make a bit difficult to concentrate on the posts.