June 27, 2008

Haiku Friday: Summertime, and the living is easy

Haiku Friday

My post is arranged
With haikus I wrote this week
Down at the bottom

Okay, maybe not easy, but easier! We had an amazing week. Sam was sooo good this week that it was amazing. I have been much more relaxed the last two weeks, and I think that's really affected him. I do feel sad that my emotional state over the last six months has been affecting him so much (along with all of the transition we've been going through). About two weeks ago, I think I hit the bottom. Ever since then, we've been getting some stuff done and I have been feeling A LOT better. I've been much more relaxed and happier and feeling less stressed out. Sam and I had a great time this week. He had a couple of difficult bedtimes, but during the days he was great. He was happy, less whiny, didn't have as much trouble with people coming and going, didn't cry when it was time to get back in the car after the outings we took. Yesterday we finally walked around the corner and I showed him the freeway overpass. I think it may have been the best thing he ever saw. He just held the bars and pointed and looked at the cars and trucks going by beneath us. Several cars and big trucks honked their hellos, which made him smile. We went to several parks this week, on Wednesday we went to a park nearby with lots of rocks on the beach, good for throwing into the water, and a railroad track. We saw a 'train' made of some equipment, with a whistle and all, and Sam loved it. So, I hope everyone had such a good week, and have a great weekend!

We sit together
On the rocky shore alone
Waves lap up at us

Throwing rocks, splash!
Sunshine warming our pale skin
Peaceful and soothing

You could sit for hours
Ridding the beach of all rocks
You would if you could!

Peace interrupted
A loud large family with
three boys and two girls

I can't look at them
Can't bring myself to believe
One day you'll be BIG.


monica @ transplanting me said...

very good to hold onto now. you're right that in no time big is here!!

maggies mind said...

Very sweet haiku, and it sounds like a gorgeous day at the beach.

Joanna said...

The beach sounds lovely....They do grow up so fast!

Cathy said...

So glad you're having a good week. Motherhood is so full of ups and downs...

auds at barking mad said...

Such a wonderful haiku, I could almost picture exactly where you were.