June 5, 2008

Book Club Turtles

Technically, it's not Friday yet, but I am SOOOO ready. Not that the weekend actually really means anything since I don't work a normal work week. Justin left on Wednesday morning at 4 AM to go to Mexico with some of the men from church to build houses. I stayed at Violet's house since her husband is also on the trip. We hung out, and it rained, and rained and rained. Today we went to the zoo as we were planning even though it was raining on and off. Here is one reason I love Kiki (Violet's 6 year old daughter):

Kiki, Alex (her 4 year old brother) and I were standing around watching the turtles swimming. Alex pointed out that there were 3 turtles swimming with their heads together sort of in the middle at the bottom of the pond.

Me: What do you think they're doing?
Kiki: Maybe they're having book club.
Me: Book club? Maybe... what would they read?
Kiki: Keeping turtles alive book.

Hilarious! We had a good time at the zoo. It was frustrating constantly yelling at Sam to come on, or to catch up, or to turn around, but he's definitely getting better at listening slowly but surely. There was much less chasing and more just telling him what to do. He had a fantastic time at the Zoomazium too, running around and climbing and looking at the fish in the tank. The ride home was less good... He woke up after napping for 30 min and then cried and screamed for 30 minutes. Once we got home I put in a movie and we cuddled on the couch until I put him to bed... still wearing his jacket because he freaked out when I tried to take it off. Whatever floats your boat, little man.

Tomorrow my sister is coming over to help pass the time and go for a walk with Sam and I, then to stay with him while I go and do some work. No plans for Saturday yet, but Sunday I'm heading back to Seattle for my book club and some hanging out Sam-free after being with him almost 24/7 for four days.

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