May 28, 2008

Summer Plans

We are going to be quite busy this summer. Things to do:

  • Justin will be in Mexico for four days building houses with a bunch of other guys from Lake Forest Park Presbyterian Church.
  • Violet's husband will be out of town for 5 days, so I may head down to Seattle for at least a couple of days to help out with her 3 kids and give her some adult company.
  • Ladies Night - hang out with my Mom and her girly friends.
  • My Mom is getting married! To an awesome guy! I will probably cry (happy tears) and eat a lot of cake.
  • Family picnic for Justin's 10 year HS Reunion (unfortunately the dinner is on the same night as my Mom's wedding!).


  • July 4: A barbeque at my cousin Courtney's.
  • My 5 year wedding anniversary! Drop Sam with the grandma and head out of town for a couple nights.
  • My 10 year HS Reunion (dinner and family picnic)


  • Wedding Shower for Sati (which I am planning)
  • "Bachelorette Party" (which I am also planning) - Manicures, pedicures and fun for Sati before her wedding.
  • Three day, two night trip to Natapoc Lodge in Levenworth with the ladies & kids from book club.
  • Sati's wedding! Reception at a hotel/casino - drop the kid off with grandma again for a night of relaxation and uninterrupted sleep.

I am also hoping at some point to somehow be able to afford to travel to the East Coast and see my family (mainly my Dad, Stepmom & little sister), but I'm not sure how that can happen unless I win the lottery or start saving up my pennies right now...

I'm very excited about this summer - a lot of fun things are happening!

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