May 13, 2008

New Look & Thoughts on Blogging

So, today I decided that I really wanted a three column template for my blog, and was disappointed to find that I could not manipulate my normal blogger template to do what I wanted... grr... Anyhow, I managed to look through the blogger help topics and find myself a website with a template for me. I like the new look and feel a little more organized, although it always bothers me that most of the templates don't take up the whole window when it's maximized. Oh well! I hope anyone out there reading finds it easier to navigate. I also went through and added labels to all of my entries.

I've been reading a bit about blogging on the internet, it all started with the Five Essential Pieces of Advice for the New Blogger over at Seattle Mom Blogs. Then I start to wonder, should I be changing everyone's names? Is it bad that a picture might link over to my flickr site? Should I not ever talk about where I work or the town I live in? Is it really that bad to use a blogger template and reveal my age? Obviously I'm no big time blogger. I don't know if anyone even actually reads my blog other than my actual friends and family who already know me! Anyhow, it's just all so crazy. I don't think I'll change anything right now, but the longer I go using proper names etc., the harder it will be to change it if I ever decide I want to. Who knows? Of course I'd like it if people read my blog, but I don't see myself as being as interesting, witty, or funny as the other Moms I read online. And it's in no way something I'm trying to advertise or make money off of or anything like that. I just need to write! Anyway, I will stop my random blogging thoughts for the day there.

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Tim said...

Good Job! :)