May 14, 2008

My "Office"

I work part time as an HR Administrator for a company whose office is about 1.5 hours from where I live. I work a lot when Sam naps, or after he goes to bed. Once a week, I work in the office, and twice a week I have "Home Office Hours" - two hour blocks which I set aside to be online for work and available to anyone who needs me (usually no one). I get to get out of the house and try to concentrate. Normally, I head over to my favorite LOCAL coffee shop. Today I came to Giant-Ass Coffee Chain because I had to make a phone call, and I feel weird at my favorite local coffee shop talking on a cell phone because I don't want to annoy people, because the people there are actually nice.

Things I have realized I hate about working at Giant-Ass Coffee Chain:

1. There are NEVER enough freaking outlets. I realize that it's not a computer store, but they have the T-Mobile hotspot in every location I go to, but only maybe two available outlets? WTH? Local coffee shop has like 5 outlets with two spots each which are easily accessible and SHARABLE by more than one customer.

2. Giant-Ass Coffee Chain is expensive and their coffee actually doesn't taste that good... Good think I like barely-coffee blended chocolatey type beverages.

3. Giant-Ass Coffee Chain always has too many huge windows, and I have to bob my head around like a chicken trying to see my screen.

4. Local coffee shop has FREE Wi-Fi. Giant-Ass Coffee Chain has T-Mobile hotspot, which I couldn't get to log me in today (perhaps we forgot to change the direct debit to our new bank account), so I had to pay $10 to log in for 24 flippin' hours because I did not have time to get back in my car and drive somewhere else, or be on the phone for a million hours trying to troubleshoot it.

5. Giant-Ass Coffee Chain is... well, a Giant-Ass Coffee Chain. People don't talk to each other unless they already know each other. I like Local coffee shop where people talk about comic book movies and Firefly and art and how they roast their own coffee right down the block.

I am going to go escape from Giant-Ass Coffee Chain now because I have a meeting tonight regarding planning for my 10 year HS Reunion (ARGH!) and must make myself presentable.

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