June 2, 2008

Movie Monday: Indiana Jones, Speed Racer & Carrie Bradshaw

Starting this week, I've decided to do weekly posts for Movie Monday and TV Tuesday. Instead of randomly posting my thoughts about TV and movies I see during the week, I'm going to save everything up for Monday or Tuesday and make one post each week on each subject. That way I won't have a bunch of little posts clogging things up. This idea came to me partly because of Jennifer, and her awesome series on advice she's come up with for people trying to figure out what the hell we're doing on our blogs.

*SPOILER ALERT* Warning, contains spoilers for the three movies in the title.

So, here it is, my first Movie Monday!

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull: I think I went into this movie a little differently than a lot of people seeing it, because although I've seen snippets of each Indiana Jones movie, I haven't seen them all, and the one that I saw all the way through was probably at least 10 years ago. In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. It's true that I totally love the super versatile Cate Blanchet, and that I also have a weird fondness for Shia LaBeouf that might date back to when he used to be on Even Stevens on the Disney Channel. In any case, I went looking for an action movie with some laughs and some cool tricks, and I got it. Although, I am so dumb that through the entire movie I thought they were calling him "Mudd", not "Mutt". I didn't realize my error until the next morning when I was drinking a Dr. Pepper and it had an Indiana Jones can. I rock. I also enjoyed the weirdness of the Crystal Skull and the freaky crystal aliens. I did not, however, enjoy the scene with the ants. The ants that were so big that they looked like red grapes. You know what I'm not going to be enjoying for a while? RED GRAPES.

Speed Racer (IMAX): Justin and I got a babysitter on Saturday night (my awesome Mom), and went and saw Speed Racer at the IMAX up at the Colosus in Canada. It's less than an hour from our house, and a lot nicer than the theaters in Bellingham (stadium seating? what's that?). I don't know why all the critics were so down on this movie - I thought it was great! Okay, so I'm not the pickiest person in the world. I know the difference between a good movie and a good film, and I go to the movies to be entertained, not expecting every movie to be the next deep and thoughtful thing in the world. I rarely pay for a movie I don't find entertaining. I loved the graphics on this movie. I loved the feel of it. And most of all, I really loved the racing. I suddenly realized after watching it that I really enjoy things with races or car chases. It makes my adrenaline pump or something. The horse races on the show Wildfire, the pod races in Star Wars, the fast driving in Gone in 60 Seconds... I think it's awesome. Anyhow, I think this is a great movie for older kids - kids under 7 or 8 might not understand the past vs. present stuff, and there is some violence and a couple of swear words, but I almost missed them. Maybe ass and damn? Most of the violence was pretty cartoonish. Thumbs up from me... I'm always up for a movie tht's got something new visually, I want to see it just to know what's new.

Sex and the City: I was never a regular fan of the show, but I am not one to turn down a ridiculous girly movie, so I decided to take myself to this movie today to relax a little before hubby goes to Mexico for four days and I'm with the kid 24/7. It was just as I expected - a romcom with laughs, but also with a lot more tears than I thought. That's right, I am a freak of a sad sappy sucker. I cried probably over 10 times during this movie. How sad is that? Too much empathy... the horror of being left, basically at the altar, in front of 200 people. The protectiveness of Charlotte when Mr. Big tried to talk to Carrie and imagining how I would feel if that was my best friend. The sadness of Miranda at home on New Years Eve by herself. The reuniting of Steve and Miranda. I could go on. There was more. In any case, I liked it, and I think that anyone who really enjoys a good romantic comedy with ups and downs and some really ridiculous outfits would enjoy it too.'

BONUS: Outbreak: So, I'm currently watching 'Outbreak' on DVD. I may not have blogged about it, but I am a big fan of disaster movies (ie The Day After Tomorrow, which I <3) and virus movies. First there is a very young Kevin Spacey. Then a young Donald Sutherland. Then suddenly...

Patrick Dempsey. With a fro. Ha.


jennifer said...

Oh I cried, too!! I really thought it was such a fantastic continuation of the characters' lives.

I agree about Charlotte's protectiveness of Carrie. The friendships in that movie really made it for me.

Heather said...

Ooh disaster movies? Not my thing! I'm looking forward to Indiana Jones but I don't even know anything else coming out that I'd want to see. I guess thats good since we never get to go out lately!

RubiaLala said...

You really should watch all of the Indiana Jones movies. They are really good.

Are you a crier at movies in general? Because I'm not, but if this is really a tear-jerker, I REALLY don't want to go.

I can handle Dempsey's fro. I cannot handle the porno mustache. Ick.