May 10, 2008

Mother's Day

On my first Mother's Day, Sam was less than 2 weeks old, and I was still in that exhausted new-mom place. It's hard to believe it's been two years, that I've been a mother for two years. In some ways it feels like forever, and in other ways it feels like it's flown by. I feel like I was always meant to be a mother. I love it, I love my boy and the time I've spent with him. This Mother's Day I'm escited to be watching Sam grow and learn. Today he and I went for a walk in the woods and we saw a deer. Sam had just woken up from napping in his stroller for about half an hour, and I bent down to whisper to him and point at the deer. He saw it. We looked at the deer, a mere 5 feet away chewing leaves off a branch near the path. Sam didn't make a sound. He just reached out his little hand and pointed. The deer moved, his hand relaxed, then pointed again. And in that moment, I was not thinking about how he hasn't been eating the past few days or how he's not talking yet. I also was not thinking about how I was on a 3 mile trail that I didn't know how far I was, or the hills I had in front of me to push the stroller up. It was a perfect moment, and I think it was my Mother's Day present from... somewhere.


e m o j a b. said...

Happy Mother's Day!


Wife to Mark,Mom to Samuel said...

That is SUCH AN AWESOME Mother's Day gift! How precious!