May 17, 2008

Hey, nature...

There is this thing I really like. It's called SPRING. It comes in between winter and summer. It's a pleasant time of year where the unrelenting rains of the Washington winter fade into some sunny days, some breezy, pleasant days. The trees and flowers start to bloom, and the birds come out. Sometimes it's in the 60's and maybe the low to mid 70s. Do you know what I don't appreciate? SKIPPING SPRING! What is the deal? It was snowing practically into May and then suddenly we have a severe weather warning because it's going to be in the HIGH 80s today. TOO HOT! TOO SUDDEN! I don't like it. Also because I realized our new house doesn't have great circulation. Oh well, at least we have screen doors and can open the front door and bring a fan in to circulate the air a little, and two ceiling fans. If it's getting up to 87 or 88 degrees and it's not even June yet, I'm scared of what it's going to be like this summer. I would prefer it be about 77 degrees every day with a light breeze. That would be nice. Oh well.

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