May 10, 2008

3 miles is far...

Things I learned today:

1. 3 miles is a lot further than I thought. Perhaps it was the hilly ups and downs, most of which were made pushing a 26 pound toddler in a stroller. Perhaps it was that the first .5 miles was spent going 'toddler pace' ie stop and backtrack then go again then stop and play with a rock every five minutes.

2. Why I think it is so hilarious when Sam picks up food off the freshly vacuumed floor of my living room and someone tries to stop him - today I saw Sam try to eat several sticks, multiple rocks, a couple pinecones, and a handful of dirt and pine needles.

3. At two, Sam can still fall asleep in a stoller travelling up hills and down, over rocks and roots, and still be asleep.

4. Seeing a deer 5 feet away eating leaves off a tree branch, and Sam being completely quiet and pointing in wonder makes the whole world fade away into happiness.

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