May 27, 2008

100 Things About Me

I have seen this floating around, so decided to give it a go.

  1. I have six tattoos.
  2. I met my husband when I was only 19.
  3. When I was 18, I studied abroad in London for a quarter.
  4. When I was 10, I lived in Denmark for a summer while my Dad worked there.
  5. I love those Brachs candies that are pink, white, and brown with coconut in them.
  6. All of the pets that my husband and I have owned have had names starting with "P", for no particular reason.
  7. My favorite flower is a lilac. We have a white and a light purple bush blooming in our yard right now.
  8. When I am listening to the news and hear something about an "RPG" harming someone, I automatically think 'Role Playing Game'?
  9. I like the song "Hold On" by Wilson Phillips (EMBARRASSING!)
  10. I have never shot a gun.
  11. Most of my friends are older than I am.
  12. When I see the word resumes (as in starts again), in my mind I think resumes (the thing you submit to get a job).
  13. I cut my fingernails super short because ever since I had Sam they get really dirty and I can't stand it.
  14. I don't think I am pretty.
  15. I would rather eat out than cook at home.
  16. When I was in high school, I spent a lot of time chatting on AOL. Back when it was the 'cool' thing.
  17. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration with a focus in HR.
  18. I hate pus.
  19. I like octopi - live ones. To look at. Not to eat.
  20. I have a giant unicorn collection with over 200 items, including a tattoo on my left arm.
  21. My favorite animal is the Red Panda. If it wasn't totally wrong and inadvisable, I'd have one for a pet.
  22. When I was a little kid (2 or 4, I forget) I broke my collarbone by rolling off the couch during a nap.
  23. My wedding invitation included a line from 'The Princess Bride'.
  24. I believe in ghosts and psychics.
  25. I hated the movie '21 Grams'.
  26. I weigh too much.
  27. I like going to the movies by myself, even though a lot of people think that's weird.
  28. I currently have two cats, Piper the giant (13 pounds... big) and Phoenix the needy.
  29. I wish that I was a better artist (drawing & painting).
  30. I took piano lessons for years, stopped in high school, and can't wait to learn again when we get a house big enough for a piano.
  31. My toenails are painted neon green right now.
  32. I am afraid of heights.
  33. My middle name is Lynn.
  34. Every time I've ever been on a diet, I've cheated and lied about it.
  35. I get excema, only on my right foot and my fingers, mostly when it's hot out.
  36. I let myself get sunburned every year before I star wearing sunscreen for no particular reason other than being dumb.
  37. I can't wait to be pregnant again.
  38. If I can't get pregnant again, I want to adopt.
  39. I like hot dogs more than hamburgers or barbequed chicken. I would rather eat a hot dog at a barbeque. And I like them burnt.
  40. I have lived in Michigan, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, North Dakota, Minnesota and Washington.
  41. I have a missing tooth because I had to get a tooth pulled because it was cracked and I never got an implant because I don't have $3000 extra dollars to put a titanium rod into my jaw.
  42. I still have trouble sometimes remembering how to pronounce the word 'tapestry'.
  43. I am a Christian, but didn't have faith until last year.
  44. I was baptized in September 2007 by immersion in Lake Washington. Appropriately to the state where I live, it was freezing, overcast and drizzling.
  45. We decided to get our son Dedicated because we want him to choose for himself when/if he wants to be baptized.
  46. I have three holes pierced in each ear.
  47. Black licorice makes me gag.
  48. I also hate that Simple Green cleaner because to me, it smells just like you spread black licorice juice all over the floor.
  49. Right now I am itchy because I'm sunburned on my shoulders and upper back.
  50. I thought I had about 30 blogs on my Google Reader, but I am apparently really shitty at math because I have 77. Only 30 of them probably post regularly.
  51. Every day, at least one of the blog entries someone posts makes me cry. Today it was Mrs. Chicken.
  52. I didn't know what lol cats were until about 2 weeks ago.
  53. Before I got pregnant, I hadn't seen my natural haircolor (sandy brown) in about 10 years.
  54. My favorite food is pizza, and I would eat it every day and have, in fact, gone through several periods in my life where I did just that.
  55. Gary Busey and Andi McDowell make me angry.
  56. I once met George Strait because my great uncle is in his band.
  57. On my fridge I have my Mom's wedding invitation for this summer, a picture of my friend Sati & her fiance, a family portrait of my family and a picture of me and my friend Violet with Jamie Bamber.
  58. Why did I meet Jamie Bamber? Because I am a big enough dork to have attended the Creation Entertainment Grand Slam Sci Fi Convention in 2007. It was awesome.
  59. I lost 50 pounds while I was pregnant because I barely ate for 5 months.
  60. Every day, I hope Crystal will post a new entry in the Crazy Chronicles.
  61. I am an emotional eater.
  62. I know how to knit, but can't figure out how to crochet.
  63. I have a sewing machine, and have only ever used it to sew some mediocre curtains. It currently resides at Violet's house because her machine is broken and she ACTUALLY sews things.
  64. I love Violet's kids almost as much as I love mine.
  65. I was a vegetarian for a couple of years, but I started eating meat again when I was pregnant and craving pepperoni and never gave it up again.
  66. My favorite meat is bacon.
  67. My 5 year wedding anniversary is this July.
  68. I love to sing in my car in the summer with the windows down.
  69. When I was 18, I briefly worked in a fish processing plant through a temp agency, and gained total respect for people who work on assembly lines, especially in big-ass freezers.
  70. I am a night owl.
  71. Sometimes when Sam wakes up in the morning, I put on a movie and doze a little on the couch (sometimes with cuddles!) because deep inside I still think 8 is too early to get up.
  72. In the past year, for unknown reasons, I have started using 'balls' as a swear. As in 'oh balls' or 'holy balls, look at that!'.
  73. I don't always stop fully at stop signs.
  74. I do not like beer, wine, champagne or cider.
  75. I do like Malibu Rum, Chocolate Martinis, and Lemon Drops. A lot.
  76. I just gave $25 to the Washington Community Action Network when they knocked on my door randomly wanting to promote immigration reform.
  77. The only thing on my 'one day when we have money again' list is a nice digital SLR camera.
  78. My Rock Band avatar is named Jonesy.
  79. I had laser eye surgery in 2007 even though I was afraid I'd be blinded, and I am sooo glad I did it.
  80. Sometimes I can't believe I have a 2 year old because I still feel like a kid myself.
  81. I was mad when I found out Britney Spears was pregnant because I was going through infertility.
  82. I am currently listening to an audiobook of "The Sociopath Next Door". Creepy, huh?
  83. I probably don't force fruits and vegetables on my kid enough.
  84. Sarah McLachlan is my favorite singer.
  85. I used to be creeped out by pet rats, but now I kind of like them.
  86. I will let Sam have almost any pet when he gets older, but not bugs, spiders, or cockroaches. Snakes are ok though.
  87. I am really hungry right now because I haven't really eaten anything substantial since 10 AM, I was waiting for my husband to get home but he's still there because they ran into some snags, and I wish that someone would just drop off a big pizza and a coke Slurpee for me.
  88. I am currently helping plan my 10 year high school reunion.
  89. One day, I want a house with a jacuzzi tub, built in bookshelves, and an island in the kitchen.
  90. I wish more people read my blog (yeah, I'm working on it...).
  91. I have seen The Barenaked Ladies in concert five times.
  92. I went to Hawaii for my honeymoon, and the entire airfare and hotel was paid with hotel points that my husband earned while travelling for work.
  93. I want to own a horse someday, and I love riding horses.
  94. I want the next new car we buy to be an electric car. Zenn maybe?
  95. I have never been skinnydipping.
  96. I love having a tan.
  97. My husband and I often don't touch at all when we're sleeping because our temperatures run so differently we can't deal.
  98. I love going to the zoo.
  99. My favorite ice cream flavor is Cinnamon Buns from Ben & Jerry's, or for 'regular' flavors it's Cookies & Cream.
  100. Pepsi over Coke.
  101. I can't believe I seriously just thought of 100 things about myself.


edie hope said...

A few things about me:
I think you are pretty
I also like to sing in the car with the windows open in the summer
I read blogs on work time

Teresa said...

alright Washington CAN! which one of us came to your door?

Godless Sunday said...

Dude! Sarah M. is the best singer!
But no WAY pepsi is better.

auds at barking mad said...

I am so glad you posted this....I am doubly glad that you comment on my blog, because otherwise I'd forget about the bloggy goodness that is your blog.

I really need to add you to my blogroll. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving me comments. Not many people do, but it just tickles my little comment-hoe soul to see a new comment in my box!

BTW...I lived in WA for ten years. I miss it. I miss being on the air at KISW, KJR FM and AM and KUBE. I miss trips up Stevens Pass to Leavenworth and going to the Applets and Cotletts place...Yummmmmm. WA is where I got my start in radio and where my mentors are all still on the air (well except for Jon Ballard) and I get homesick just thinking about it.

Oh and I totally agree with godless sunday....COKE rocks our house. Probably too much. But I can't deal with Pepsi, it tastes like Pine Sol to me.

Dawn said...

Pepsi is better than coke.

I too love Crystal and The Crazy Chronicles.

Snakes scare the tar out of me.

And there were other things I wanted to respond to but completely forget now...oh black licorice is freaking disgusting.

Equidae said...

maybe ill do such a pòst one day on my blog.... i prefer coke, love horses (well an animal fanatic more likely), fearless, determined and prefer winter...yeah well in malta its short and not too cold