April 7, 2008


Okay, I know I am at work right now and shouldn't be blogging, but I am SO EXCITED about what just happened that I can't contain myself.

So, I found out a couple months ago about the Swell Season coming to Seattle. That's Glen Hansard and Markita Irglova from the movie "Once", which was my favorite movie last year and I love it to pieces.

Like an idiot, I did not take advantage of the pre-sale in the e-mail I got, and I missed out because I didn't expect it to sell out within like 2 days of going on sale. So, I've been looking for tickets. They're going on E-bay for over $100 per ticket, and I just can't afford that. I've been on Craig's List but mostly finding posts of people WANTING tickets. I had kind of resigned myself to not going, which made me want to cry a little bit.

Then this morning, I checked Craig's list and found an AD from someone who had 2 sets of tickets and was selling them FOR TICKET VALUE plus the Ticketmaster fees he paid. I just talked to him and I AM GETTING 2 TICKETS. For $92.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! I am so excited that I ran around for a second like a headless chicken. The thing is that he lives in Seattle and I don't, so I called my friend B and she and her husband agreed that they could go meet him tomorrow morning to get the tickets (which is a good deal for her too because she likes it too and will be accompanying me). WOO!

I am silently dancing and waving my hands around yelling.

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