April 15, 2008

Thank God

Seriously, thank God I am feeling better today than I did yesterday. I was lying on my couch panicking last night because I felt like I was dying and realized that 1. Justin could not take off work today because 2. Justin is leaving on Wednesday for a week to go on a business trip and I will be alone with Sam. I know it's never a good time to get a stomach flu, but seriously... Yesterday morning I started to get horrible cramps and nausea. The started in front and spread around to the area where my kidneys are. All day. On my way home from Seattle, I got so fatigued that I pulled over and slept in a Jack in the Box parking lot in my car for an hour. At one in the afternoon. Bizarre. When I got home I curled up on my couch. By 6:00 Justin was forcing me out the front door to go to the walk in clinic. So, I was there for two hours, so miserable. By then in addition to the cramps, I just felt so tired, my whole body hurt. They did an exam and a pee test to rule out a kidney or bladder infection and told me it was probably just a stomach flu - but then my white blood count came back elevated. She said it could be just from a stomach flu, but it was high even for that. Still, there was not much they could do and sent me home with instructions to eat crackers and drink 7-up and come back tomorrow for a repeat exam.

I'm happy to report that although my muscles are still sore, I am not having awful debilitating cramps. I probably won't go back today unless they start up again. I am sooooo glad that it seems like yesterday was the bad part and I'm on my way back to normal now. Also, kudos to the nurse there for doing the easiest blood draw that I've had in years, although it made me feel a little dumb for saying 'i have difficult veins'.

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