April 15, 2008

It is 12:24

Things I have managed to get done today despite the fact that I have a stomach flu hangover, still am eating saltines, and am having hot flashes:

- Clean the cat litter
- Open all the mail and sort it out
- Clear off the dining room table (aka dumping ground when we get home from anywhere)
- Put away load of clean babysized laundry
- Got 2nd load of laundry in dryer
- Got 3rd (final) load of laundry in washer
- Dust buster the living room area rug
- Clean Sam's room
- Unpack Justin, Sam and my bags from being in Seattle this weekend

Now I'm about to go make Sam lunch and lie on the couch until I cool down because for some reason I'm sweating right now. Ugh... viruses.

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