April 27, 2008

I like books, I like books

If your kid watches Yo Gabba Gabba, you can sing this blog post title to the tune of "I like fish" and it will become more amusing, then be stuck in your head for seventy years.

I tend to do this thing where I am in the middle of several books at once. I'm doing it now, and making better progress on some than others.

I just finished "Invasive Procedures", which I picked out because Orson Scott Card co-wrote it. It was interesting, although it definitely read like a movie script - I could see it only taking up 2 hours and it was rather open ended.

I checked out "The Time Travellers Wife" by Audrey Nifenegger on CD from the library to listen to during my long drives to Seattle. I am only about 1/6 of the way through it and I am already IN LOVE with it. It's amazingly written, and from the very beginning it pulls on your heartstrings in a way that not many books do. I can't wait for the rest of the story.

I'm also currently in the middle of "The Yanti" by Christopher Pike, third in his 'Alosha' series. I like reading Young Adult Sci-Fi because it tends to be more fantasy based, more character driven, and not so heavy and hard core sciency. I just started this series a couple of weeks ago, I think this is the last book in the series, and it's quite good.

Last but not least... the current book club book. For May's meeting we are reading "Personal History" by Katherine Graham. It's freaking long. Like, 600 pages I think. I've gotten 100 pages into it and I'm having trouble going on. It's soooo dry, and so far I just don't find it compellnig. I like biographies, but I guess I prefer more offbeat or unusual stories. So far Katherine has grown up in a very wealthy home, never wanted for much, and is getting a job at the newspaper her father owns. I'm fairly certain I'm not going to be able to finish this one before the meeting.

I'm also about halfway through "Rockabye" by Rebecca Woolf of the blog Girl's Gone Child. I went and saw Rebecca do a reading yesterday at Elliot Bay Books in Seattle. It was great. She read a few chapters from the book and then signed our books and chatted and answered questions. She also had a fabulously cute outfit that I wished I could pull off.

Next on my plate... FINALLY reading "The Harlequin" by Laurell K. Hamilton, getting to some of the books over on my "to read in 2008" list, and looking forward to the releases of "Breaking Dawn" (8/2/08) and "The Host" (5/6/08) by Stephanie Meyer and "Swallowing Darkness" (11/4/08) and "Blood Noir" (5/27/08) by Laurell K. Hamilton. I also need to get caught up on the Charlaine Harris books, and there are a couple of new Joanne Harris books I'd like to read.

Also, I went to the mall today and I LOVE my new shoes:

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