April 14, 2008

Girls DO Rock

I went last Wednesday and saw "Girls Rock" with my sister and her boyfriend. It was amazing, and I would recommend that the following people see it:

1. Mothers
2. Daughters
3. Dads
4. Aunts
5. Everyone else

The movie is about a week long Rock & Roll music camp that takes place every summer in Oregon for girls of all ages. If you have a daughter, you should probably bring tissues, and if you're just a freak who likes to cry a lot (like me) you should also bring tissues. It's a really wonderful look into the lives of some normal girls and what they deal with in our society as they're growing up. The stories of the individual girls are filled out by their parents, the teachers at the camp, and a few nicely put together segments presenting statistics about girls today.

The next documentary I'm really looking forward to: Young at Heart.

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