April 22, 2008

Forbidden Kingdom: Still Forbidden

Justin got back from big first business trip last night after Sam was in bed. Today Sam freaked out a lot because he's kind of sick. We left while he was napping and my Mom stayed here, and Justin and I tried to go see "Forbidden Kingdom". Well, the 1/2 we saw was good. A little cheezy, but not horribly so. Then we got "the call". Sam woke up from his nap and didn't want to be touched by Grandma and was not happy to see her - so he was DEFINITELY not feeling well. We had to LEAVE THE MOVIE. This has not happened before, in fact, I have never walked out of a movie before (although I really wanted to at The Talented Mister Ripley). Luckily when we explained the situation, the manager refunded our money. Very nice.

PS This makes me laugh.

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