April 23, 2008

American Idol

Okay, so I admit it, due to the lack of other things to watch (thank goodness the writers strike wasn't longer) I have been watching every episode of American Idol this season. Well, I really usually watch about 50-60% of the performances show, and maybe 20% of the results show. But I think maybe last night was "Rachael Night" on AI. First off, they showed us that David Duchovny was in the audience. Then it was ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER night! Woo! I think I actually watched the entire show. Here is what I think:

Syesha was freaking awesome.

Dreadlock guy sucked (I don't remember his name for some reason... ooh I remember, Jason!). He should have done something fun and more upbeat.

Brooke White, not the best performance ever.

David Archuleta - I'm not usually a big fan, but he was great. I tend to think he's a little boring, but last night he put his own spin on it and made a song from a musical sound like it could be a top of the charts pop song. Kudos.

And they saved my 2 favs for last!

Carly - did a good job, I'm glad he told her to switch songs, because the first one was definitely not right. She did have a little trouble w/the lyrics, but I still love her.

David Cook - Eh. Great vocal performance but I was really excited for him to take one of the songs and do it his own way, and he didn't.

Bottom 3.... I think it will be Jason, Brooke, and maybe David because he just wasn't extraordinary last night. We'll see...

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