April 19, 2008


Well, Justin left on Wednesday early morning to go to Dallas for some kind of conference for work. Unfortunately, I managed to catch a super-bad stomach virus of some kind on Monday and ended up at the doctor. Luckily, on Tuesday I felt much better, but I'm still a little queasy and very tired and having random hot flashes. Also, I'm pretty sure it's snowing right now. What??? Not cool. At least it's not sticking in any way (yet....).

So, we have been hanging out this week. Here is one of the reasons I love Sam. I will be looking up something on the computer or cleaning up his toys, and look up and be faced with this:
Sam has these glasses, they're 3-D glasses from when I went and saw Beowulf and I popped the little plastic lenses out so he could play with them. Sometimes he puts them on and just walks around like that and plays for a half hour at a time... awesome.

Thursday we went to a fun playdate with our new Bellingham Mom's group and had fun. Sam was a little crabby and sleepy, but he did pretty well. He didn't nap that day or on Friday, which kind of sucks because he gets crabby in the evening. The upside is that then he goes to bed at 8:20 or so, and I get a little more time to myself. Which I need if he didn't take a nap!

On Friday we spent the day with Grandma and took Sam to Great Clips to get his first REAL haircut not done by Mommy. He did great, he pulled away some and didn't always want to keep his head up, and he wouldn't keep the cape on, but hey, that's what the washing machine is for. Sam is obsessed with buckles right now, so we bought him a little dog collar with a buckle (the kind that are on backpacks and shopping cart seatbelts) and he played with that for part of the time, then when all else was lost started feeding him M&Ms, which worked nicely.
And then Sam got his first sucker.
So, we had a fun day yesterday. Somehow even when Justin's out of town, I still manage to get things done around the house. So far this week I have cleaned Sam's room, cleaned up the living room every night before bed, vaccuumed the area rug, went through all the mail, cleaned off the dining room table (aka junk gathering surface), done 3 loads of laundry, washed all of the dishes in the sink (dishwasher is broken, so my next round is to wash all the dishes that were in the dishwasher when it broke), cleaned out the refridgerator... Ahhh...

Did I mention that we taught Sam to fly?I also managed to post LOTS of new pictures on Flickr from Lorelai's party and random shots from April. Check them out. I leave you with cuteness:

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