March 23, 2008

Sweet Relief

After two nights of nightmarish going to bed AND waking up and being up for several hours in the middle of the night, it seems like maybe the bad bedtime spell is over. For the last four nights Sam has gone down with minimal crying and has slept through the night. We're crossing our fingers that the phase is over, for now at least. He's still fighting his naps - when putting him down, he cries a lot and doesn't want to lie down. Yesterday I gave up and let him get up, but today Justin put him down and we let him cry for maybe 15 minutes and then he went to sleep for a couple of hours and he was SO happy and cheerful when he got up. We had a really great time just goofing around on the bed, then went out to dinner at Red Robin. Sam loves to play with the crayons there, and he did a much better job of drinking out of the milk cup with the straw in it without tipping it and spilling it all over himself. He did do that also, but much less than last time.

Yesterday I had a doctor appointment and Kira and Emmy watched Sam and took he and Maggie to the children's museum. They had a really great time, I'm looking forward to Sam and Maggie spending more time together and getting to be friends! It's funny because he has a little bit of trouble getting along with her, I think it's just because they have really similar personalities and well, they're both two. I realized that maybe part of the reason is that Sam has had a lot more experience hanging out with kids that are a little bit older than him - he's spent tons of time with Seamus and Lorelai, and has just recently started spending more times with kids the same age or younger than him. He also gets along great with Nate, but he is also almost 6 months older than Sam.

We're settled in to our house up here in Bellingham, there are a couple of boxes left to unpack, but for the most part the house is all set up. It's very cozy and I am really enjoying it. The window in the front lets in a ton of sunlight in the morning and warms the whole room, and gives us a cheery start for the day. We need to dig out the lawn mower, I feel bad now because both of our neighbors mowed their lawns this week so now I feel like we better join the club!

We're headed down to Seattle tomorrow for Easter - we're going to church, then picking up Kira and Emmy in Seattle and heading over to Kirkland to our friends Tara & Phil's house for an early Easter potluck dinner. I'm happy that Emmy will get a chance to meet Brooke again and see her kids, and to meet Tara and Courtney. Also, Emmy had forgotten that Tara, Phil, Brooke & Dave were all from Pennsylvania and lived in Philly for a long time, so she'll be able to have some good conversation with them.

Well it's getting late so I think I'll head off to bed. More updates soon!

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