March 29, 2008


Pictures are up on Flickr, as I posted below. Here is a look at our new house, there are pics of the inside over there too:

I thought it would be particularly funny to post this as it has been SNOWING all day today. Seriously!? It is March 29. I am sooooo ready for spring to come, but instead I get a blizzard. It's not sticking as much at our house, but I tried to go visit Brie, Kyle & the twins at her Mom's house this morning, which happens to be on a big hill and it was like a blizzard! I couldn't make the turn onto the street and decided if I went and stayed there I might not be able to drive home. Argh!

Other than bizarre March blizzards, things are good here. Sam and I ended up going to the Children's Museum with Susan, Maggie & Lucy this morning since it wasn't sticking downtown and we needed something to do. In a little bit we'll be heading down to Seattle to Lorelai's SIXTH birthday party. Holy cow! I cannot believe she's six. Furthermore, I can't believe I've known Brooke for almost seven years. It seems so recent, but it also seems like forever.

Sam is getting much better about going to bed at night, but who puts him to bed has become a large factor. As in, Justin puts him to bed so well, and he doesn't cry, but when I try to do it it doesn't work as well. Oh well. He has even taken naps several times in the last couple days, and I'm pretty sure he'll sleep on the way down to Seattle today.

He seems like he's right on the verge of talking. The other day I swear he said "here you go" to me when handing me a crayon. He's very, very into cars and loves markers. We got him those color wonder markers so he can color and play with the markers and we don't have to worry about him inadvertently writing on anything. He is super-cute, as always.

I'm getting ready to start planning his birthday party so that I can give people from the Seattle area plenty of notice on the date and time in case they want to come. Helene has been talking about her and Lianna visiting in May and it would be really cool if they were here for Sam's birthday, so maybe I'll try to coordinate with that.

Well, I've got to go - we're off to have some lunch then go party!

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