March 22, 2008

Fun In Seattle

My cousin Emmy arrived in Seattle to visit on Wednesday night (after her plane was delayed about 4 hours), and will be here until early next Tuesday. Last night, Kira, Emmy and I went down to Seattle to stay downtown (thanks to our other cousin Aine for the hotel points!). We checked in then had drinks at the Top of the Hilton restaurant, which was fun - great view and yummy appetizers and drinks. My favorite was the Cherry Cordial Martini - cherry and chocolate. Then we went over to Dragonfish with Kira's friend Jerry for dinner, then Kira's boyfriend Joe came and we went to Sunshine Liquor on Capital Hill. It was a cool little bar, not too loud and the music wasn't too loud, and the bartender was nice. Plus they squeeze all their own juice and their homemade sour mix was really good. Collapsed at the hotel around 3:00 and got up this morning for a DELICIOUS free buffet breakfast at the hotel.

I spent the rest of the day with the fam, then went and saw "Be Kind Rewind". It was pretty good, I thought it was an odd little movie, but entertaining enough. What a weird concept. Here's something nice about living in Bellingham. I left at 8:40 to go to the 9:00 movie downtown. Got down there and found an excellent parking place right in front and went to walk to the ATM to get cash. Got to the ATM and realized I didn't have my bank card. Well, I was able to drive home, grab the cash, and get back to the theater before the movie started about 12 minutes later.

All in all it's been a good weekend so far, plus on the drive home from Seattle I saw a dog hanging out a car window in DOGGLES! That's right, doggie goggles. It was funny and I happened to have my camera in my purse so I took a picture, soon to be uploaded.

Tomorrow we're headed down to Seattle again for Easter and I'm staying over to work on Monday, but hopefully after that the rest of the week will be a little calmer!

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