March 16, 2008

Developmental, or just mental?

Justin thinks Sam is going into a new developmental phase and having a growth spurt. I think that it's driving me mental.

For the last 8 days, our bedtime routine has been sort of like:

9:00: We tell Sam it's almost bedtime and he can watch a Blue's Clues first.
9:30: We try to put Sam in bed. He cries and screams.
10:00: We can't take it anymore and get Sam up, take him in our bed.
10:30: Sam stops crying and starts calming down, but is totally awake and playing games and kicking us.
11:30 or 12: We put Sam to bed. He finally goes to sleep.

So, that kind of sucks. No more easy bed time, and we are clueless as to how to 'fix' it. Do we totally have to re-teach Sam how to go to bed? We tried a new nightlight, thinking maybe it was too dark, then even put a small lamp in there. That didn't help. We have tried talking to him for a half hour before bed and getting him to lie down. No dice. We looked online and it seems like a lot of kids have this kind of phase between 20-22 months. The real question is how do WE make it through it without going insane??

He's also been totally inconsistent about taking naps during the day.

The last couple of days have been the worst. Here's what happened:

10:00 AM: Sam wakes up for the day. Proceeds to not take a nap.
9:30 PM: Time flew by since we were watching "Bee Movie". We try to put Sam to bed.
10:00 PM: We actually leave Sam's room at this point, after sitting with him, talking to him, etc. trying to get him to lay down.
10:30 PM: Sam is still crying and screaming. We go get him. We take him into our bed. He keeps crying & screaming.
11:00 PM: Sam finally stops crying and screaming, although during this time while slamming his head down onto the bed he hit his ear on his juice cup, which caused even harder screaming.
11:30 PM: We finally put Sam back in bed. He doesn't cry.
3:30 AM: Sam wakes up and is screaming and crying again.
4:00 AM: We give up and take him into the living room and put on Blue's Clues and try not to start crying ourselves.
7:00 AM: I finally put Sam to bed. I was thinking it had only been a couple hours until I heard my alarm going off and realized what time it really was. Sam does not go willingly or lie down. But at least he only cries for 5 minutes or so off and on.
12:30 PM: Sam is up for the day! He seems pretty cheerful. I think he is slightly crazy.

I feel bad because I am leaving to go to Seattle - I have a dinner tonight and have to work tomorrow. Oh well, I'm sure I'll get mine on Monday night.

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