January 31, 2008

Shoe Chew

I was going to log on and write about something great Sam did yesterday, something more grown up. Then I heard this rubbery squeaking noise and looked over and saw that he is standing there watching 'Go Diego Go' and chewing on his Crocs shoes. Funny how they can go from seeming like a genius baby to chewing on their shoes.

Yesterday when Justin went to put him down for his nap, he rocked him for one song, then Sam lifted his head off Justin's shoulder and reached for his crib with both hands. Justin put him down in the crib and he lifted his arms and Justin put the blanket on top of him and he put his arms down on top of the blanket. How cute! Now if only he would 'ask' to go to bed more often. He's been so, so much better the last week - he's been going down well for naps and bed even if he doesn't fall asleep right away. He's also finally keeping blankets on better, which makes me happy because his room gets a little chilly.

Sam's hair is getting shaggy, and he won't really let me cut it. Justin said we need him to conk out for bed one night in our room so I can do it when he's asleep. Otherwise, we are just going to have a shaggy-headed little boy.

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