September 7, 2007

More from the big NJ

Ah... it's now 10:12 at night and Sam has been in bed for an hour. He went down tonight without crying at all for the 2nd night in a row - wonderful! He only took a nap for a little over an hour today, so he must have been really tired. I spent the last hour with Lianna. She showed me her webkinz online pets and it's crazy and complicated and cool. Then she played a little on her new Quantum LeapPad and I helped her with spelling. She is a really cool little girl.

Yesterday Lianna turned 9! I can hardly believe it's been 8 years since we met Dad and Helene at the airport and watched them walk of the plane with this beautiful little baby - it was love at first sight. I remember holding her that summer as she slept against my shoulder and being amazed at what a wonderful feeling it was. Also one of my favorite things with Sam. There's just something about that closeness and providing a soft place and comfort to this little person. Anyhow, she's 9 now and in the 4th grade. We all went and picked her up from school yesterday and went to the music store to get her big birthday present - a guitar! She loved it and was surprised. I guess in this school district all the kids learn to play guitar in 5th grade so she'll get a head start. Kira and I gave her a CD, a DVD and some books, plus a kit to make a stepping stone for the yard. Kira cooked a vegan cake so we could ALL eat it together and it was delicious. I think the whole day was nice. Her birthday party is tomorrow - it's a roller skating party! Then we're having a party in the back yard where a local band is going to come and play, that should be fun.

Yesterday morning I went to the park with one of the neighbors who has a kid in 2nd grade but also has a 18 month old and a 3 year old. It was really fun, and we ran into another parent that I know who is a friend of my Dad and Stepmom. So, that was fun. Sam got up really early (6:45) so he fell asleep in the stroller on the way home. Last night he went to bed without even crying and slept the whole night in his crib again - he even woke up once and I managed to get him back in his crib, which doesn't always work when we're not at home. Today he got up early again (7:00) and only took an hour nap, so he was exhausted by bedtime and went to bed without crying again! He is just doing so well here, it's really great.

We had an exciting moment this morning! Sam walked into the dining room and there was a garbage bin in there with Spongebob Squarepants on it. Sam walked up and was messing with it and suddenly said "Bob. Bob bob." I was shocked! I said to my stepmom, I think he just said Spongebob! Later when I went upstairs to change his diaper I showed him a clock with a little Spongebob figurine on it to see if he'd say it again, and he did! I love it when he just pulls random words out.

Sam is really into eggs currently. This morning for breakfast he ate more than 2 eggs! He hasn't been very into the waffles this week, but he will chow down on eggs. Also last night we had spaghetti and fake meatballs and he ate the spaghetti too! I just cut it up into smaller pieces and he loved it.

Well, that's the update! Tomorrow is a big day, so I think I'll sign off for now! I won't be able to get pictures up tonight, but will try to get it done over the weekend.

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