August 15, 2007

Update & New Photos!

Well, it's only been a couple of weeks since I updated! Sam is still doing well.

Sam got his first bleeding injury at the zoo last weekend. Near the snow leopard cage they have these things that are like cable wires with little bronze animals that slide back and forth. Lorelai was swinging it around and Brooke told her to stop and that if she hurt anyone she was going to have to ride in the wagon for the rest of the zoo visit, and about 2 seconds later Sam walked over and the animal thing hit him in the lip and split his lip open. I should have known and stopped him, but oh well. He bled a bunch, and cried, but he recovered fairly quickly and even that evening it didn't really seem to be bothering him.

One thing we've noticed is that Sam doesn't respond to his name most of the time that we say it. He does sometimes, and he's a lot more likely to respond to it if someone else says it to him. I just don't know what to do with him because he doesn't listen AT ALL, and he just wants to run away from me and when I chase him he thinks it's funny. Also, he seems to get sheer joy just from running down a sidewalk, which is cute, but also it would be nice if he listened a little. I don't know if it's an age thing or a personality thing or what. I have always thought those leashes that people put on their kids are bad, but honestly, I can kind of see why they do it at this point!

Sam dances a LOT now, he loves the CD of music from the show "The Backyardigans". When he gets fussy in the car, I just put that on and it calms him down, which is awesome. He bends his knees and shakes his butt and it's just so funny and cute! We got some good videos so I'll try to upload those soon so everyone can see.

This weekend we're going to spend the weekend in Grapeview with Justin's Mom. On Saturday we're going to the Gig Harbor Renaissance Faire, which we go to every year with Brooke and Dave, so that should be lots of fun. I just uploaded a whole bunch of new pictures, so check them out!

As for me, I'll be getting ready for our book club trip to Ocean Shores next week (24-28) and for my trip with Sam to New Jersey just after that (8/31-9/10). I'm looking forward to both!

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