July 6, 2007


You'll notice over to the left there is now a link for videos! I have put up a few from March and April, and I'll get the ones from July 4 up as soon as I convert them, probably tonight. You'll get to see Sam walking and dancing in those ones! Yay!

Our Fourth of July was pretty good. We went to a small street fair in Mountlake Terrace over by where Lorelai goes to preschool. They had games for the kids and music and some booths. We put our blanket on the grass field and basically just hung out and ate hot dogs and Sam ran around in the grass and danced, and we had a lot of fun. Brooke and Dave and the kids stayed for the fireworks, but we headed home around 8:30 since we'd been there for 3 hours and Sam was starting to get tired. I put him to bed at 9, at his normal time, but there were about 30 people in our neighborhood setting off fireworks. He wasn't crying, but I could hear him making noises every few minutes because he wasn't asleep. Around 10, he started to cry a little. I think he was frustrated because he was drifting off and all the noise was waking him up. So I went in and picked him up and rocked him in his chair and he fell asleep. I ended up just bringing him in our room and holding him while I watched TV, that way if he got startled awake he would be right back to sleep. We kept him in our room until around midnight, when it was mostly over with. So, it went pretty well.

Sam has started to be able to get up on his own, but he doesn't do it that often. I have seen him do it a couple of times in the last couple of days, which is really neat. Later today I think we're going to head over to the Everett Children's Museum to play for a while.

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