May 24, 2007

Making up for lost time

Sam is doing much better! In the past two days, he is finally back to his normal self, he's happy and energetic and finally playing on his own again! I am lucky because Sam can be a pretty independant baby, and when we're hanging out at home he spends a fair amount of time playing by himself. Usually he'll go off and play, then come back to me and we'll play together, then he'll go off on his own again. Well, during the time he was sick, that all went away. It was interacting with him, comforting him etc. 24/7, sometimes including holding him during his naps! It got exhausting after a couple of weeks of that! He was so happy today, just smiling and laughing and playing and talking a lot. It is wonderful!

The funny thing that's been happening in the last couple of days is that it seems like Sam is making up for lost time in a few areas...

Firstly, you know how he didn't eat much while he was sick? For the last couple of days he has been eating NON-STOP! He is eating regular sized meals, and snacking constantly, plus drinking lots of bottles. It's crazy! I can't believe he can fit all that food in him. Brooke said that a lot of times when they get sick or don't eat for a while they somehow even it out by eating like this. Who knows, maybe he'll have a growth spurt! I am curious about how he'll do and if he'll like it when we're finally able to turn his carseat around to front facing.

Secondly, he has been walking like CRAZY! We got a really good video today of him walking all the way down the hallway and into his bedroom upstairs. We are trying to figure out how to compress the videos so I can get them up online soon for people to see, especially this new one! He suddenly exploded with adventuresomeness - he is much more confident and walks all the time. I can't wait until he gets more adventuresome outside the house and starts walking around. He also did take his first steps in front of other people this week - we went to a playdate and he walked from one place to another a couple of times. It's so exciting, he's going to just be running around any day now!

Yesterday we went over to Tara's for a playdate with Courtney, Kelly, Brooke, Tara and all the kids. It was fun, and nice to get out of the house after being cooped up a lot in the last couple of weeks. This morning we went and saw "Shrek 3" at the Mommy Movie in Bellevue. We enjoyed the show and Sam actually sat with Justin in his lap for longer than we thought he would! He didn't seem interested in the movie really, he would look over when something particularly action packed was happening, but that's about it. He was more focused on all of the snacks we were feeding him. We just gave him a bottle at home, and saved breakfast for the theater! Towards the end of the movie he got squirmy so just took him over to the aisle at the side of the theater and he just played and climbed up a couple of the steps and did great. Oh, and the movie was quite good too!

Tomorrow we are headed down to Tacoma to go to the zoo with Brooke, Dave, Seamus and Lorelai. The weather today was beautiful, and it's supposed to be 74 tomorrow, I am so excited it is finally warm out! After the movie today we drove home a long way, and it was so nice just driving with the windows down and the sun shining and Sam napping peacefully in the backseat.

So, that's what has been going on around here! Everything is lots better since last week, and getting back to normal. More news soon!

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