May 18, 2007

House of Blahs

So... I ended up taking Sam to the doctor yesterday morning after all. He still has a bad runny nose (although that part is improving a little), and a really yucky wet sounding cough, and had a little bit of a rash on his stomach and chest. Plus he felt warm when he woke up yesterday. So, I called the doctor and took him in. And the results are.... Sam has an ear infection :-( He hasn't really been acting like his ears are bothering him that much, but he has been having a little trouble sleeping on his side. As soon as the doctor started looking in his ears though, especially the left one, you could tell it was bothering him. He cried and didn't want to hold still. The doctor prescribed Amoxicillin. He asked me if Sam had ever been on it before and I said, "No, he's never been on anything", then the doctor said "Oh" in this surprised voice, as if it was strange that he's never been on medication. I thought it was odd. The good thing is that the medicine is pink and flavored like some sort of weird bubble gum or something and I think Sam thinks it's a treat. He sucks on the syringe and smacks his lips. Good thing, since he has to have it 3 times a day. He's been a little clingy the past few days, but he's getting a little better. You can still tell he's sick. Hopefully the antibiotics will clear everything up and he'll finally be better - he's been sick in some form for almost 2 weeks I think. Poor little guy. I'm trying to be really positive though and not think it's "the first of many", but that it's just a random thing. I know Justin had some ear problems and tubes as a kid, and I didn't, so hopefully Sam will take more after me in that area.

The unfortunate news is that Justin has been sick since Monday with a cold and the last couple of nights my throat has been feeling funny and today I've had off and on stomach aches, swollen glands, and am very drowsy. Sigh... so, we are a whole house full of sickies at this point. Blah. Send all your "get well" vibes this way!

In other news, I think Sam is sort of moving away from eating baby food anymore. I think he just wants to eat regular food more, he has been sick, so it's a little hard to judge at this point, but he seems to be rejecting it a little bit. Today he had scrambled eggs for lunch and ate an egg and a half! He even used his fork - I stuck the pieces on for him and then he would grab the little fork and put it in his mouth. Pretty cute!

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